Ready to complete half my deen 😊 InshaAllah

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Very religious
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Business Person
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Never married
Connecticut, Fairfield
United States
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Asalamualaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu!

I pray that Allah swt blesses you with the best partner for your dunya and akhira and makes it a means of you and your family entering the highest level of paradise. Ameen 🤲🏽 ❤️

I’m a 25 year old Pakistani - American born. I was raised in Connecticut and moved to Pakistan when I was 8 years old for about a year (that’s why my Urdu is decent, lol). I completed my bachelors in Public Health and I’m planning to pursue my masters degree very soon InshaAllah. I’m very business oriented as well.

My deen is definitely my first priority and I also would love to marry someone who feels the same way. I’m considered an extrovert. So, don’t mind if we’re strolling down the streets of Queens or Lahore and I get inclined to make small talk with the local Punjabi’s. Jk - of course my focus will be on you.

Go for a walk, drive, explore > Netflix
Home cooked meal > fast food
Seinfeld > the office
Travel by plane ✈️ > Travel by car (depends)

I’m very goal oriented (because I have a million goals). However, I basically suck at time management. I blame my fam and culture for that one 🤣. #PakProblems. Alhumdulillah, working on my weaknesses daily though!

Some of my goals for the future consist of memorizing the Quran and possibly teaching it, learning multiple languages such as Arabic & Spanish. I would also love to have a big family as I adore children. Of course, I pray for whatever is best for me and I’ll be happy with whatever Allah (swt) blesses me with. I aim to travel the world one day with my parter/ family. I also love diversity I love meeting all sorts of people from various cultures and backgrounds. I also want to eventually obtain a degree in Islamic education, InshaAllah.

I would love to share even more about myself so you have a better understanding of who I am. InshaAllah, I’ll be happy to do that if there’s a general consensus/ interest in what I’ve shared so far.

In regard to my overall preferences/ expectations, I’m going try and make things a little easy for you by being completely honest and straight forward. InshaAllah, this will make it easier for you to narrow down your choices. I try to follow the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) to the best of my ability. I do have a more conservative mindset but try my best to live a balanced life.

- I have a protective and a jealous personality. Basically, if you are the type to talk to a lot of guys, flirt, mix with non-mahram, dressing immodestly, plan on having triple dates after marriage (mixing)... I’m not the right person for you.

- I’m 5’6. If you were hoping to marry a brother as tall as a giraffe 🦒, sorry! Swipe left. Lol 😆

- I’m not sure, but I would like to travel and possibly move abroad temporarily to study Islam in the future. We can talk more about this.

- If you don’t speak Urdu/ Hindi, I kinda would hope you would learn it for the sake of being able to communicate with my family. Not obligatory though! Arabic is also such a passion of mine! I hope to continue learning it and if my future partner doesn’t know it, it would be awesome to learn together.

- Communication is super important to me. I would love to be with someone that likes having deep and long conversations. Also, someone that works hard to communicate during the good and challenging times.

What do I love? Well I’ll try to list a few from the most important...

1. Islam. Pleasing Allah (swt) and following the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Nothing matters to me more than my deen and doing my best to live a life that’s pleasing to my creator. I’m definitely far from being perfect, but I’m striving to be a better servant of Allah day by day.

2. Family. My family means the world to me. And I need to marry someone whose family also means the world to them. Even though I would like to travel and possibly even move away, I don’t plan on disappearing from my family. InshaAllah, I’ll do whatever it takes to see them as often as possible.

3. Socializing, lights, being busy, etc. City life and lights make me so happy. I prefer to always be around people and what not. But hey..maybe marriage will change that (a bit) lol.

4. I love food. I love coffee. I love traveling. I love exploring and taking long walks by the water.

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What I Am Looking For
My expectations?

A sister that does full hijab. Wouldn’t mind someone that wears the niqab. I actually prefer someone with Niqab but it’s not a deal breaker if you don’t. Someone focused on deen and not so much Dunya. Someone that prefers to stay home and raise our children on Islam rather than leaving kids at other peoples houses or hiring a babysitter. If work is desired than someone that wants to teach kids or do some type of business where minimal interaction with males is involved.

I would love to find someone who appreciates modesty. Someone that comes from a family that doesn’t believe in mingling with the opposite gender. I believe and would love to invite my friends and your friends over our house as often as we want - as long as the husbands and wives sit separately. InshaAllah.

I know the most important part of marriage, is sacrifice. InshaAllah I am willing to make those sacrifices when needed.

Hmu though if you wanna get to know more. I know ya’ll feminists are laughing at me 🤔😂.

Alhumdulillah for everything!

I am not searching for anything haram. I also would hope to get adults involved, engagement/Nikkah asap after doing isthakara.

Asalamualaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu 🙌🏽😊

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Connecticut, Fairfield
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