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Leo,INFP/INTP not a Feminist

*_Please read the entire profile_*

I really want to visit Iceland (nature lovers paradise) to experience the northern lights and Norway to see the midnight sun where the sun never sets from May to August, 24 hours daylight and the sun doesn't go down. The sun bounces back and rises up in the horizon. Also the following I want to experience and enjoy lol just listing a few from many 😄

• Yellow stone (lovers paradise) honeymoon probably lol
• The grand canyon
• Yosemite national Park
• The big Sur
• Silver back Gorrilas
• African Safari
• Wildbeest crossing (migration)
• Swim with sharks
• Antarctica
• Maldives
• Tongariro Crossing
• O gravity flight
• French Polynesia
• See a wild polar bear
• Dive with sperm whales
• Madeira in Portugal
• Dordogne Valley
• Lahti Finland
• The blue lagoon
• Azores in Portugal
• Reykjavik in Iceland
• Bergin in Norway
• Capri in Italy
• Cavtat in Croatia
• Tenerife and Menorca in Spain
• Visit some historical sites in the East and Western Africa
• Visit the entire Central Asia if possible
• Visit and learn more about China, Japan and Korean confucian cultures.

Not yet PhD candidate in theology and philosophy in legal praxis, theological hermeneutics in legal theory. Lifetime learner and a seeker of truth, knowledge, academia, humble, patient, calm.

Honestly, these days, I am just cautious and very careful can't be too Cynical (read Cynical theories or at least listen to the summary on YouTube podcast), we gotta be careful and politically correct or else the cancel woke culture will come get us for hurting their feelings, its all about how we feel these days right ? Not what is right and wrong, where do we derive our moral anchor from ? 🤔

I am originally from London UK 🇬🇧 a Brit 😊 currently in the USA in California not too far from San Francisco. Still thinking of settling down between DC, Chicago or in the West Coast or back in Europe, but it depends on where my partner is from, if our soul connects then of course we will be together God willing.

Time is precious and once its gone, its gone forever buried in nothingness. Not looking to chit chat endlessly and ask each other what did we have for dinner lol not on this app, I have friends and relatives to talk about this. If we like the basics and enjoy each others convos, similar values, political beliefs, ideas and worldviews, then we can speak on the phone, video call and meet up.

I can write a long essay or thesis dissertation here but are you really gonna read it ? I have read alot about men and women psychology, used to be interested in mental health in both genders and what causes it and I was actually planning on doing my MA in marriage therapy, counselling and become a relationship coach lol

Finished "Hannibal" on Amazon prime, also finished "The Crown", "Peaky Blinders", "Ertugrul", enjoyed "YOU" on Netflix, also "Ozark", "The Sons of Anarchy" lately been enjoying the Chinese, Japanese and Korean films as well based on Confucian philosophy.

I watched The new film Dune few months back, apparently it was inspired by the Ismaili philosophy and also if you didn't know assassin creed was made by the Ismailis and the root words assassin comes from the "Hashashiyyun" حشاشين in Arabic 😊 going back to 10th century.

I love philosophy, theology, history, clinical psychology, politics, legal theories, hermeneutics, contemporary issues, love all languages. I'd say I kinda like anthropology, sociology and psychiatry as well. I find human beings as interesting creatures, life also death is very interesting, the way it happens, the philosophy of death I mean or the concept is beautiful.

I was going to write more but I guess I will save it for later, when we speak over the phone or over a cuppa 😊 we can do voice or video call here as well 😀

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What I Am Looking For
Looking to get married very soon, I am looking for someone who is constantly striving for self improvement, knows her flaws, speaks truth and facts, wants to get out of the matrix, be a team and we build an empire together. Looking for a halal bestie iA, coming to London in December,then Austria and Malaysia in January iA. I am simply looking for these traits and I will explain what a man and a woman wants from basic psychological and practical level over the phone (if we get to that stage),is this you?

☆ Emotionally mature
☆ Healthy, cares about her weight.
☆ Cares little what others may think.
☆ Genuinely cares for me and my well-being.
☆ Fairly ambitious.
☆ Good sense of humour.
☆ Laughs at my terrible boring jokes.
☆ Lowkey cute.
☆ Not a Feminist with aggressive masculine energy.
☆ Best friend and soulmate typa vibe.
☆ Not afraid of being goofy.

I didn't put looks there but it is important because it is like a ticket or will take me to the door to enter into the market or explore the soul during getting to know phase, then I'll look for all of these qualities, more so we have to be able to vibe and discuss the matrix.

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