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A Little Bit About Me
Here goes I’ll keep it short as I know you will get bored and lose interest.

I’m single divorced guy looking for my princess - queen. Therefore I have no wife. Genuinely single.

I’ve been single 4 years and now ready to meet my Fiona lol No I’m not shriek lol I’m a prince.

I have 3 older kids who live with me. But they see there Mom every day. We are amicable due to the kids but if I had no kids with her I would have killed her lol.

I’m educated at a degree level which means I can read and write. Some words i cant spell so I ask google which helps me.

I’m self employed and mar sha allah make a good living so if you get with me you won’t need to work. Good incentive lol

I’m looking for a down to earth female who has good morals and values but also has a edgy side to her and will compliment my personality. Someone who has deen inside her and will make me a better Muslim, not that I’m a bad one. We all need improving.

Benefits of joining me on my life journey.

1. I’m very easy going
2. I’m not stubborn
3 . I smell nice. Bought sauvage the other day
4. Self employed so can take time off when I want
5 religious and I pray
6. Have a naughty side you will see soon.
7. Love holidays so we will go away a lot I have a place in Dubai
8. I’m a funny guy used to be a stand up comedian when younger. But wasn’t funny as I thought lol
9. I live life like today is my last day.
10. I respect all people from all walks of life
11. I love football Man Utd
12. I have a driving license. Just come or a ban so I’m very happy
13. I used to be a professional footballer when I was young.
14. Can relocate as my work is done remotely.
15. I get manicures and pedicures every month lol
16. I have a dog but it’s my sons. I love cats too
17. I have 2 phones work and Personal.
18. Size 8 shoes just in Case you want to buy me a pair of Guccis lol
19. Love bbqs
20. I have a broken toe due to football lol
Oh yeah I speak over 10 languages. So where ever we travel, I got you.
21. I play football 3 times a week which keeps me fit so nothing to worry about I have loads of energy. Wink wink. lol
22. I have my own red passport sorry black passport which means I’m a Uk resident.
23. If you got attacked I’d defend you. Not sure why I’m saying This lol
24. I’m always positive and don’t have any negativity near me.
25. This is the best point. I can cook. Only currys. And any curry. But I can’t make roti ( chappati ) so you make the roti and I’ll make salan lol
26. I am also a professional masseuse I learnt in covid. What more you want a guy that will give you a massage every day for free lol

I love hiking. Love water sports love al racquet sports.

I have no disability but I do have ocd about personal hygiene And keeping places tidy. Oh I also like to put things in lines. Straight lines. Don’t know why.

I’m not scared of heights but when I look down my hands get all sweaty.

Ps I hate my pics. The camera doesn’t love me. Pls don’t ask for 200 pics as I’m not the type to take selfies. I might have a few of when I first got married lol. But it won’t be appropriate. I have 1 crappy pic on my profile which was taken in a restaurant few weeks back. I was wearing my Hugo boss top. It was awkward the way I was sitting that’s why it looks like I was learning forward lol

But when you meet me trust me you will fall in love.

If you don’t like me it’s cool I’m a grown man and can handle rejection lol but be careful as I might be the one who allah has chosen for you. So don’t go Against allahs will. lol

I’ll update more later.

I Might move to Dubai this year. Still thinking about it. If you want to come with me then message me now I’m about to book our business class tickets. lol

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What I Am Looking For
Female. With 2 arms and 2 legs. 1 nose and 2 eyes. Ideally alive lol

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