We only ever see photographs of stars

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Just Muslim
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Never married
South Yorkshire
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As ~ Salaam Alaikum 🕋

Please allow me introduce myself as Hamza Josiah....
I'm a convert to Islam of 9 years, I said the holy words of the shahada and never looked back.... Allah has blessed me by opening my eyes to the truth of Islam, Masha'Allah. I commit myself to Allah for eternity and hope to reach the destination of Jannah (Insha’Allah). I have a real passion for learning all aspects of Islam.

I love to read stories about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) “The sealed Nectar” is one of my favourite books about him. It taught me that our prophet was average in every single way, what made him special was his passion, will and hardship he undertook to spread the love of Allah! Inspirational 🕋

I love to listen to Mufti Menk on Muslim Central Podcast, he’s an amazing scholar, he expresses islam in such a soft and beautiful way. He uses him imagination to inspire all. (May Allah reward his hard work).

I live and work in Sheffield as a commercial lawyer, I really enjoy my career as I have an entrepreneurial mindset, my career allows me to learn off of successful CEO’s and leaders in the field of business, so much that it's inspired me to create a few e-commerce side ventures online.

I would say I'm a fairly modern Muslim, I follow the 5 pillars of Islam to the best of my ability (even Fajr prayer! although that one took me a little time to adapt, lol). I would like to say that I never intertwine Islam with culture as I feel it can muddy the waters to how pure islam is.

I believe a marriage should be based on equal footing... we are both on a journey that is nurtured by Allahs love, we join our paths that Allah has created for us in a hope that it leads us to Jannah.(Insha'Allah)
Belief, partnership and a mutual love for Allah will often help us on our journey.
Remember Allah wants everyone to make it too Jannah 🕋🕋🕋
We just need to follow Allah through the darkness into the light with our heart and knowledge.

As an individual, I have a real passion for stargazing.... I’ve stargazed ever since I was a child with my Dad. Sometimes I’ll take a telescope to the Peak District and look outwards to the universe at star systems, planets and even the andromeda galaxy! it really makes you self reflect on your life and where it’s going!
It’s almost like a philosophical trip in your mind, seeing a cluster of stars close up really makes you understand just how insignificant we really are and most importantly just how lucky we are to be here.
It’s also a great way to teach and inspire Islam to your loved ones and friends!

I've also had the traveling bug for some time. I love to explore different cultures, landscapes and flavours. My favourite destination is Norway. The Northern lights are just magical! seeing many strobes of lights dance with each other in the sky... That wonders of Allah!

May Allah grant everyone happiness and love. Remember, Allah loves you all.

Allah Hafiz.

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What I Am Looking For
I’m looking for a wife to accompany me on my journey to Jannah. (Insha’Allah)

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Never married
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United Kingdom
South Yorkshire
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Commercial lawyer
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