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A Little Bit About Me

Ok so here I go......

Alhamdulilah I am a caring, supportive, honest and outgoing individual.......My handful of close friends would describe me as humorous, understanding, talented, genuine and down to earth.

Some facts about me/ hobbies:

* I love keeping fit and attending the gym

* I’m talented in calligraphy, art and party planning..... I throw amazing parties btw!! (Not the clubbing types of parties..... more on a halal level.... such as graduation parties)....all my mum’s friends/ my friends and pretty much everyone who has attended them have said so.... and want me to plan their weddings😂.

* I love humour and livening up the place. I enjoy looking after people and making them feel good about themselves.

* I’m very organised, creative and analytical

* I love being adventurous, eating nice food and travelling, theme parks (yes..... I’m an absolute dare devil when it comes to the scary rides), and long walks (with beautiful scenery).

* I love baking desserts, movie nights and practising henna

* I always dress modestly and wear the hijab

I come from a very humble and educated background where the majority of my family members, including the extended members are medical professionals. We are a tight knit family, who are open minded, friendly and welcoming. Also, ensuring that we put religion before culture. I am a very family orientated individual and I don’t believe parents should be abandoned, which is why I would be more than happy to live with in laws.

I have experienced heart breaking and tragic moments when visiting elderly patients in their homes. These patients passed away without their loved ones by their side and when they needed them the most. The point I’m trying to make is that experiencing these situations opened my eyes and made me realise just how lucky I was to constantly have family around me who love and care for me with each day that passes by. I’ll never forget those moments and will always treat my in laws parents/ family with the utmost respect and dignity (just as I do with my own family). I would want them to feel that they are being cared for and would always be there for them when they need me.

I am serious about marriage and value the basic traits required for a happy lasting marriage In Sha Allah: trust, honesty, compromise and respect. I am an individual who strives to follow the straight path and to increase religious knowledge, likewise looking for someone with the intention to increase the knowledge of deen. I am also very hard working and ensure that time is utilised and planned well for a perfect work/life balance.

I am relentless and determined in achieving my goals and currently, I have just qualified as an Adult Nurse Alhamdulilah. I hope to climb up the ladder in the future to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner In Sha Allah.

If you’ve made it this far🎉.......please move onto the next section 😀.....

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What I Am Looking For
A compassionate man who is outgoing, charismatic, intelligent and trustworthy. I would be completely compatible with someone who is humorous and can hold intelligent conversations.

I’m looking for a man who respects women (remember you were given birth and raised by one!) Someone who is educated and appreciates Islamic values. Someone who is fully aware of their role and responsibility as a husband. A man who appreciates and values family.

A man who wishes to commence marriage based on the foundations of trust, loyalty, faithfulness, understanding and empathy.

A tall man would be an extra bonus lol 🙈😂

I’m not interested in huge salaries!
It is not wealth that defines a person.... it is their character!.....this is what I am interested in. But yes, they should work towards their objectives and have an ethos based on hard work!

Sorry, it’s a no from me.......for the following:
- Smokers..... including Shisha by the way
- Anyone from overseas
- Men over the age of 29
- Those of you that eat haram food or drink alcohol

Thank you very much for your interest and In Sha Allah I really hope you are successful in finding your partner!

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