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A Little Bit About Me

I am not sure about you, but the Number 7 has come to be very significant in my life:
7 - My chateau is located off 7th Avenue
7 - Number of ensuites in my chateau
7 - Number of body parts I have (2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head, 1 neck, 1 torso)
7 - Number of siblings I have (3 sisters, 4 brothers)
7 - Number of languages I speak (English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, French, Arabic)
7 - Number of cities I have called home (Mirpur, Bradford, Manchester, Oxford, London, Manhattan, Miami)
7 - Number of days I work (except when I am vacationing!)
7 - Number of hours I sleep every night (I must be super-healthy!)
7 - Number of women I dated before getting married (to work of course!)
7 - Number of years I have been on SingleMuslim in search of a wife (on and off, of course)

It could not be more telling that I am indeed a very serious and transparent man with a towering personality. I say that because people find me very intimidating due to my blunt and truthful nature. No one dares to utter crap in my presence lest they are embarrassed and humiliated upon my rebuttal. My extensive worldly knowledge coupled with clarity of thought and reasoning is often overwhelming for most people. Now, I can also be contagiously funny and it is more likely that people are laughing uncontrollably as I enter the fray rather than peeing in their pants. I assume you have been stung and that you would like to know more about me.

Well, my name is Farooq -- Amjad Farooq -- but people often call me Baba -- and perhaps for a fitting reason. I am deeply caring, passionate, warm, funny, entertaining, and a man of service. I also have an amplified sense of empathy and I can easily connect with the needs of most people.

In 1971, I was born in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan) to a very poor family. My mother could not even afford to buy a milk bottle (much less a dummy to suck on) and she trained me to sip milk from a cup when I was barely months old. As I grew up, I herded goats, rode donkeys, and scaled the rather tricky terrain of the foothills of Himalayas on barefoot. The crushing marks of thorns on the soles of my feet bear testament to the hard-work ethic that embodies my soul. To say that I had a very humble upbringing would be to put it lightly.

In 1985, at the tender age of thirteen, the opportunity to immigrate to England offered me a new lease on life. Equipped with only a handful of words of the host language coupled with a setting that could not have been more alien to that of my upbringing in Kashmir, England presented me with nothing short of a culture shock. Yet, I would rise to the challenge against all odds—a feature that would become the epitome of my later life. Although I faced many hurdles early on in my new hunting ground, I rose through the academic ranks quickly and with flying colors.

In 1998, after having obtained my PhD from Imperial College London, my curiosity and daring nature took me across the Atlantic ocean to USA in search for bigger challenges. I have called USA home for over 20 years now. Still, I regularly travel to Pakistan and England, where I have family connections. I am a triple-citizen of Pakistan, UK, and USA.

On a more personal level, I am a bachelor. I am single. I have never been married, partly due to being preoccupied with my career and, in part, due to not having met the right woman. I live in a city where women do not really understand the true essence of marriage. They are largely concerned with materialism and self-gratification in lieu of building a life together and having babies. I strongly believe in marriage and a family life. For me, marriage is an eternal bond rather than till-death-do-us-part. I believe that you are born once, you live once, you get married once, and you die once.

On the career front, I am a university professor. Having conducted biomedical research at atomic level for over quarter-of-a-century (since 1994), I have reached the conclusion that most modern medicines (prescribed by doctors as well as those available over-the-counter) are so toxic that they alone are responsible for the deteriorating health of individuals in our society. I believe that most people are sick and suffer from chronic pain because they take medicines on the advice of illiterate doctors. My advice is simple: "Dump those medicines and you will get your health back". Toward this goal, my current research focuses on the discovery of natural chemicals found in plants and vegetables that can substitute for toxic medicines that people have become accustomed to. As a starter, taking a daily dose of raw and fresh (uncooked and unpowedered) cocktail of ginger, garlic, turmeric, onion, and black peppercorns will do wonders for most people. Try it. I dare you. You will get your body back! My advice has worked wonders on so many people. And, through such endeavors, I have earned the title of "doctors' doctor!".

Finally, let me add that I am an independent, self-confident, and self-made man. In spite of my rags-to-riches story, I follow a frugal lifestyle that is so much fun and brings me so much joy and rewards in life. I am financially independent. I have always purchased anything and everything with my own hard-earned dollars. I detest those who borrow money (in any form) to finance their reckless lifestyle. Get a life!

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What I Am Looking For
I am looking for a wife. Women often complain about not meeting an independent and accomplished man. Well, here is the man you have been waiting your whole life.

As a deeply caring man, my wife will be my life, and she will never need the knife. I will always be on hand to chop down whatever she commands in the kitchen from onions to garlic.

Her joy and happiness will be my primary goal. And I will go out of my way to take care of her. She will be my best friend. My confidant. I will be with her till eternity.

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