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A Little Bit About Me
•My name is Ayesha

•23 years old

•British Pakistani


•From Karachi and Chakwal in Pakistan

•Caste- Malik Awan

•I live in Cardiff (Wales, born and bred)

•My height is 5ft4.6 inches

•Please don’t let my face fool you into thinking I’m slim, IM NOT SLIM! I’m a plus size woman, I’ve got curves, meat on me if your looking for someone slim the exist is ⬅️

•Education- Health and Social Care Degree

•Unemployed (please ask me and I’ll happily explain)

•Marital Status- Single (Never married)

•Children- None, but I want 11 kids. Nah I’m joking or am I? 😂

•Languages spoken- English and Punjabi

•I don’t participate in Khatams

•I don’t celebrate milads

•I’m a Bubbly, Down to earth, Family oriented, Non-materialistic individual

•I’m full of humour (I carry the crackhead energy but can be serious when needed to be)

•I don’t smoke/drink alcohol/go clubbing

•I only eat halal (Blowing ‘Bismillah’ on haram food doesn’t make it halal just saying) 😂

•I don’t wear makeup (Only on special occasions)

•I don’t drive as of yet but plan to in the future (Currently revising for my theory test so passenger princess it is until I drive)

•I’m a introvert, I don’t have friends (by choice of course) I enjoy my own company sad I know

•I’m not demanding at all! I don’t expect my husband to shower me with gifts, holidays, going out on expensive dinner dates once we’re married. Money can’t buy happiness for me! Forget going out on dinner dates I rather Netflix and chill and stuff ourselves with food and go into a food coma together, what’s more romantic than that ey?

•I rather be honest than lie I don’t pray daily. I try to pray every Jummah and try to keep all my fasts and pray in the month of Ramadan. I do intend to start praying daily

•I am open to wearing the hijab if my husband wants me

•If my husband does not want me to work after marriage I’m fine with that I’m happy to be a housewife but if he allows me to work then happy days I will

•My timeframe for marriage is 1-2 years

•I want to have a small wedding (I’m against having a big wedding for many reasons) so it would be nice to meet someone who’s on the same wavelength in terms of keeping it humble and simple with the wedding

•I’m happy to relocate anywhere in the UK

•I’m happy to live with In-laws

Family ⬇️



2 younger brothers

1 younger sister

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What I Am Looking For
What I’m looking for in a spouse ⬇️

•British Pakistani (Must be born and bred in the Uk)

•23-29 years old

•Must be Sunni

•Height- 5ft8+ sorry to all the short kings 😂

•I’m open to divorcees (I know my parents will not accept one but hey if we work out I’m more than happy to fight for us)

•I’m open to smokers (Cigarettes, Shisha, vapes) but as a wife I would slowly help you cut down only for your health

•I’m open to those who are blind, deaf, disabled, have health conditions etc. I don’t see you any different to someone who’s healthy

•I don’t care if you don’t have a degree I’m very open like that I get it education isn’t for everyone

•Job wise I’m open to anyone who has a job that pays well to run a family in the future, I’m not expecting a doctor, teacher, pharmacist etc. I’m humble like that. If I ain’t got much to offer I shouldn’t expect a lot in return

•I don’t expect you to have a house ready for me to walk into once we’re married. Everything happens at the right time

•Last of all, just be yourself. I adore and have mad respect for those who are true to themselves and others. Someone with a bubbly personality would be a bonus!

I’m not interested ⬇️ ❌

•If you drink alcohol ❌

•If your involved with drugs (sell or take) ❌

•Weed is a BIG FAT NO for me even if you smoke it occasionally ❌

•If you go clubbing ❌

•If you have tattoos ❌

•Controlling/abusive/anger issues ❌ (Work on yourself before making the decision to get married and making a woman’s life a living hell, no woman in this world should tolerate such behaviour

•If you have children outside of marriage or from a previous marriage ❌

Thank you for reading my profile, Best of luck with your search 😊

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