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Al-Salām ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh
I pray that you’re in a state of increasing Emaan and great health, Ameen!

I’ll try and keep this real simple and hopefully if you feel there’s any compatibility, then you can drop me a message and maybe you’ll discover more about me, in sha Allah. I’ll use bullet points to summarise things about myself; a bit cold, I know. But this’ll allow you to see the important points which could seal the deal or break it .All in all, less time will be wasted on both sides, in sha Allah.

• I came to the deen whilst I was very young at 14 and this protected me from all kinds of fitna. I’m not a blind follower of my parents rather I’ve reflected and researched my way to find the truth, ALHAMDULILLAH.

• I’m a Muslim upon the Athari creed (the belief of the salaf) and when it comes to jurisprudence I’m quite flexible as I’ve studied comparative Fiqh. These days I’m inclined towards hanafi fiqh.

• Although this was my second marriage, I got married very young at the age of 18 and Allah has kept me safe from zina and haraam relationships. I have no regrets, walhamdulillah!

• I don’t celebrate mawlid, nor do I call upon the dead for help and nor do I wear amulets. I am quite open minded, although I have a low tolerance for the extreme sufis and the extreme salafis (SPUBS/TROID and the madkhalis).

• I don’t like pigeon holing myself to one sect as the truth is not entirely with one group. Aligning yourself to one group means that you’ll have to take the bad that comes with them. For this reason, I go wherever the evidence is and I think that’s fair. As Muslims, we don’t believe due to blind faith; our evidence is the linguistic miracle of the Quran. Something you’ll appreciate if you learnt the classical Arabic language.

• I take my knowledge from scholars from all around the world, whether they’re alive, or they’ve been imprisoned or even killed; I will not let the kuffar dictate from whom I take my knowledge from. The people upon the haqq will always have the arrows of the kuffar pointed at them!

• I don’t participate in democratic elections nor do I support democracy. One only has to study Tauheed al-Haakimiyya to understand the severity of believing in or taking part in such a system; there is no lesser of two evils when it comes to shirk.

• Seeking beneficial knowledge is my main passion and it’s where most of my time is spent, walhamdulillah. The sweetness you get from this is something that is indescribable!

Ibn Asakir reported: Ibrahim ibn Adham, may Allah have mercy on him, said, “If the kings and their sons knew what we experience of spiritual pleasure and happiness, they would fight us for it with their swords.”
Source: Tārīkh Dimashq 4475

• Studying with Deobandis & Salafis; taking the best of both worlds.
• Da’wah work


• I have a beautiful two year old daughter that comes with the package; although she doesn’t live with me. So you must have a heart of gold to accept her like your own daughter. Alhamdulillah, I’m on very good terms with her mother and we only communicate when it’s necessary and it’s regarding my daughter.

• My mother passed away a few years ago and I have a good relationship with my father.

• Unfortunately, I’ve been forced to cut ties with some close family members due to their persistence in practising witchcraft - having caught them red handed. However, I do have a solid support network that are closer to me than my family. I’ve learnt over the years that blood🩸 is thicker than water 💧 but Emaan ❤️ is thicker than Blood! ☝🏽

• From September onwards, I’ll be studying full time, working and teaching.

I’ve not talked much about my hobbies or what I consider to be fun. I believe it’s important we find someone that has an extremely strong religious foundation, and thereafter any fun that comes along is a bonus. Yes, it’s possible that we’re both religiously sound but there’s no compatibility. I guess, that’s the challenge ☺️
I’m into all sorts of things which I’ve not mentioned on here. Once we click you’ll soon discover more about myself, in sha Allah.

NOTE: Those pictures were taken during lockdown when all most of us did was eat. I’ve lost a lot of weight since then, Alhamdulillah. If we click, then you’ll to see me anyways, in sha Allah.

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What I Am Looking For
Being that I’m a student of knowledge and my schedule is super jam packed with other activities such as teaching and work, I’d like something unconventional, long term and within the bounds of marriage, of course, in sha Allah.

Don’t get it twisted though! I’m not after an open relationship (na‘uzubillah) nor am I looking for someone that’s promiscuous. She’ll be someone that’s a serious Muslima that simply has similar wants to myself; in that she’s already happy within her life and would like some halal companionship.

The only exception would be someone that is also seriously seeking Islamic knowledge or/and is involved in da’wah. That way we can easily merge our simple lives together and strive hard for the akhira. This would have been an ideal scenario but I know it’s quite unlikely so I’m not even going to get my hopes up.

If you’d like to know more then don’t hesitate in dropping me a message.

JazakAllah khair and may Allah put barakah in your search, Ameen!

Wassalaamu ‘alaykum

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