So... I once walked into a door

My Sect
Somewhat religious
My Profession
Marital Status
Never married
Greater London
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Salaam and hello

Nephews and nieces in the pics.

So here we are, giving this another go.

First and foremost, I would like to say. Do not be fooled by my age. I'm young at heart and without sounding nasty to my fellow brothers, I put most 26 year olds to shame.

Very family oriented and like spending time with them and in that atmosphere.

I can be a bubbly lad/man who likes to have a giggle. Normal as can be and eccentric in my little ways, like most people.

Love being able to help people and see them get the good things they want in life. Except marriage at the moment. I'm not helping anybody else in their love life until I'm at least engaged ha.

Passionate about doing right by others and being done right by.

Have become more of a home bod type person in recent years. Sit back relax, watch a bit of box. Saying that though. I do have a routine in physical activity throughout the week of a mixture of gym and sport, and no, I'm not 'hench' :).

I do like the odd holiday or two throughout the year. Be nice to have a partner to go with. Have travelled a lot and would like to continue this.

I am quite stable in life, own my own home and comfortable financially. Certainly not the highest earner in the world, but certainly never go without anything I want.

Like to do the odd different thing here and there and keep life interesting... A spot of rock climbing..... Blind driving.... A nice walk in the meadows.... and getting out of the winter cold to a hot place type of thing. : )

Hope I strike a chord with the lady of my dreams who will be the second most happiest woman in the world next to the woman out of wife and kids... lets face it.... he's a good husband...

Please don't hesitate to message or pic request/swap if you think we may work.

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What I Am Looking For
Salaam and hello again.

In brief, (If you just want to read a few lines : )) my leading lady would be a bit of a coconut curry, with decency. A non stress head, attractive and smart. Oh... and a lovely loving caring side...... preferably a teacher so we can move when we like : )

She needs to be a sincere, honest lady who is more inclined to be homely, who will be my partner in life in every area and help me to continue to live a good life. A decent girl who just wants to be loved and love back openly.

Someone understanding and caring and has a charitable side to them. I think we have it very lucky with all our choices, so someone who understands that and wants to give a bit back.

Needs to be pleasing to my eyes and I need to be pleasing to hers.

Hope my leading lady comes soon. This hunt is getting tiring.

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United Kingdom
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I am Looking to Marry
Next year
My Income
25,000 - 50,000
Marital Status
Never married
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United Kingdom
Greater London
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1.73m (5' 8")
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Bachelors degree
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Project Management
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Project Manager
Somewhat religious
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