Only constant in life is change

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I am 5’5”, Srilankan (Arab), 37 and divorced. Not a lot going for me right?

We all judge based on individual experiences and air on the side of caution. It’s not a bad thing. I guess my job is to get you to drop your guard a little. I understand, We’ve all gone through some kind of hurt.

Lets face it, guys are stupid, even the good ones lol ...But a good husband is not; and nor is a good father...

So let me be completely honest to the guy I am and you can decide what kind of Husband and father I hope to be:

Height - Size doesn’t equate to how well a guy will treat/protect someone when a situation arises. It’s all about character and heart. How he steps up (no pun intended) when it counts is what matters. Im not a big guy but I’m stronger than most, both mentally and physically. I’ve never backed away from a situation. Im happy in my own skin and pretty confident, so I have no issues even if someone is bigger or taller than me.. Jst don’t step on me.

Ethnicity - Srilanka is very diverse. No We don’t all own petrol stations... I am arab decent. My family only follow Quran and sunnah. We don’t wear asian clothes or have any sort of cultural tradition (not that it’s a bad thing).

Im a born and bred Londoner with a Catholic academic upbringing. I’ve not met any group of people that I could not get a long with. Maybe not the Zionists or Britain First, but you get my point.

Age - I’ve never been one to waste time. Since I was 22 I focused on starting a family. I have a lot of life experience and been told I have a lot of wisdom. People confide in me and ask for sound advice. Even though I’m 37 I keep getting told I look like in my mid 20’s Alhumdulilah. I could probably get on the buses for free if I shaved.

Lastly, we all have faults, I cant think of any right now 😋 but i know I am far from perfect. I also don’t fit into any preconceived box. But I always wear my heart on my sleeve ❤️

Ok now you can judge me 😊


I did have a big list of what I do, my hobbies etc but ultimately, looks are what initiate a match online. And the chances are you’d compromise your ‘list’ for good looks. Rest is secondary right?

Your inner monologue is prob like... ‘I’m looking for man who prays 5 times a day!’

...Swipe, swipe,...

‘ ooo Marshallah!... I know he doesn’t pray but he’s real cute!, maybe I can get him to change, everyone needs to be given a chance..’.

Lets just be honest ☺️😋

If you do want substance and something more meaningful that will lead to a beautiful and exciting relationship, come say hi.

I am very much on Deen, don’t let my looks fool ya lol. I teach kids Quran/Tajweed and islamic studies and also give lectures. I pray all fardh and read Quran daily as well as fast monday, Thursday as much as i can. You cant un-see the truth 😇. Alhumdulilah.

I’m not like anyone you’ve spoken to 🐵.

As an individual, Marriage should make your life better; make your relationship with your friends closer, your bond to your family stronger and ultimately increase your love for Allah.

Together, what you create should be filled to the brim with laughter, cheekiness, joy, mischief and excitement; Some of the components that make up happiness and ultimately love.

Im as cheeky as they come 😏 🙃.

Curious? I know you’re inner monologuing right now... What have you got to loose?

Im ready when you are.

May Allah grant us happiness and grant us to understand his degree and guidence as Allah is the best of planners.


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What I Am Looking For
So I’m Looking for that beautiful someone that I can care for and nurture to be best they can be. Who is selfless, caring and family oriented like myself. Someone special that can overlook age/race/status and appreciate a good honest and hardworking man that knows the real meaning of Islam and lives as a true muslim.

Someone that will value the efforts i will make to be a great husband. Not just that but also a great Dad. Inshallah.

Fun and cheeky that’s up for getting into a touch mischief wouldn’t hurt 🙈.

Her first love has to be Islam.

If you’re perfect, I wont be interested, as I’m not.

Anything else just ask.

Oh and a beautiful smile..

Ps. I don’t celebrate milwads, kathams or any cultural practices. Quran and sunnah only ☺️.

Also don’t let temporary emotions create permanent change. 😇

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