Luv alot Trustafew, Always paddle your Own Canoe

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A Little Bit About Me
Oh No, Haven't done this for a while "The Man in the Mirror" but hey let's give it a go.

Who Am I, that’s a deep question!

The experiences one has in life good or bad alters a persons view point in life. If our circumstances were different we would have had very different experiences.

I'm Uk Born and Buttered, from the beautiful region of the South West Uk. I'm 5' 11" in height Tall Dark and Handsome ( Not dark more on the fairer side) well that's for you to decide, I'm sure I'll make the future Outlaws, sorry in laws happy.

I run my Own established successful Heating company, Yes in The trade so don't worry I'll have all your heating requirements sorted 😊

The work is pretty physical, but has the benefits of keeping me fit.

I enjoy eating good food, staying in shape and have an interest in other cultures.

I'm kind hearted, caring, understanding, patient and a very easy going individual.

Seeking someone to offer and receive Compassion, Love and most importantly to lend an ear.

I’m not Mr Perfect and not seeking Mrs Perfect, if such a thing does ever exist? In which case I’m sure we’ll have our differences, as long as we get to Kiss and make up.

Seeking a companion so that both of us can fulfil our potential.

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What I Am Looking For
I wish I asked my self these questions the first time round I got married!

I feel like I'm being spoilt for choice here . It's like being in a pick n Mix sweet shop, You get what you pick right ?

I've made a sweet little shopping list so don't be coming home late tonight!

Religious: ? I've put a question mark against this, reason being ideally a Muslima revert would be an ideal person to be with, because the passion for The Deen which I have witnessed, surpasses most of the sisters who have been born into the faith.
But I'm an open minded character and see all sisters who are a little weak in faith, like myself as rough diamonds!
A Diamond once processed has some amazing characteristics. And Insha- Allah together hand in hand we can unite and refine,refresh and kindle our spirit in Islam.

Educated: Brawn and no brains. Not my kinda girl sorry. I do appreciate a women who is educated , if not educated at Least intelligent .

Pretty looks: it's a little easier to luv someone who has been given some charming looks.

Having said that, true beauty is within the heart.

My mother always made a prayer for me ever since I was a young lad, and that was, that my wife will be green eyed. How true that was. She was green eyed, fair skinned, pretty looks, and could have been the next model for Louis Vuitton.

The experiences we have in life especially in our upbringing shapes our character.

Having said that I would like to give a miss on anyone who’s had a troubled upbringing. It's near enough impossible to piece together a fragmented person, Sorry!

Someone who's had a loving upbringing and values family and has decent etiquettes.

She must be Kind and considerate , Loving individual.

I hope what I've mentioned above doesn't put anybody off.

If you feel like what I've mentioned isn't your cup of tea then at the very least I hope that I've put a smile on your face. And may you be successful in your journey to finding your soul mate.

Kindest Regards Your Brother in Islam

P.S. If I smile at you , will you return back a smile ???

If you feel I may be of interest, don't be shy send me a message.

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