Honest, introvert, calm, optimistic, reliable

My Sect
Very religious
My Profession
Marital Status
Never married
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Assalamualaikum. I'm a very soft and kind hearted person. in other's words im honest, introvert, calm, optimistic, and reliable. I want to strive in the path of Allaah and I am looking for a life with no hassles and problems in reaching my goal to Jannah. I have a skin condition, vitiligo , been detected when I was really small. none in my family has it. Like everything life has teachings and learning. my vitiligo has given me insight that Allaah I believe only chooses few of His slaves to have. Allaah is the All Perfect none of us are.
. Naturally this is a difficult question.
Religious views that path of Allaah is tasking yet satisfying and rewarding. I wish I can find myself and my family and friends in Jannah.
As a person I am introverted reserved calm collected optimistic being who loves taking time in getting to know a person. I have a good family and education AlHamdulillaah. My family is upper middle class and I had and still have a quite comfortable life style by Allaah's Rizq. I am family oriented and a soft kind hearted being . I am a good friend and I select my friends carefully as well. Most of the friends know that they are like family to me. And my friends come right after my family as we're all quite strongly bonded.
I used to be a research associate at a consultancy firm here but now I'm currently searching for a better opportunity.

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What I Am Looking For
a pioud ans Honest man who is willing to strive in the path of Jannah and fear Allaah. belonging from an upper middle class family that has been rotted with top class education, I am looking for someone who's been fortunate to have similar sort of Education.
I am looking for the half of my Deen whod essentially be my best friend.
A loving respecting encouraging helping partner and friend for lifelong,
Who is well educated, God fearing, Practicing Muslimah, humble.
A kind and pious who will hold my hand to Jannah InShaaAllah. Appreciate Simple things in life.
One who is kind-hearted, genuine and can make me laugh and same applies to me as well while winning my partner's heart ❤ each time.
Who Shares with me the activities like practicing Deen, Traveling, Hiking and exploring new places and cultures around the world. Mostly to have a peaceful life as much as possible.
As being brought up in an educated family in which education is of utmost importance after Deen. So I prefer someone who's atleast a graduate or has further degrees. Intellectualism is not contagious lol or neither proven by a paper I know, however it is some sort of determination and zeal that I'm looking for.

PS AlHamdulillaah Allaah has given me enough intellect to apply to "Developed" nations to study or work. But my family is utmost important and while I'm alive I'd like to be near to them. So relocation would be tough for me. However, if I find the suitable best friend as prospective partner and he lives abroad I'd definitely relocate for him. So I'm not matching to become " citizen " of another country. AlHamdulillaah for all that I have.

I'm seriously here for marriage not time passing video calls audio calls etc. I'd request you have a biodata prepared so I can show my wali. I'd need to consult them and need their approval so yes the interested person might have to talk to my wali as well if things proceed well.
thus I would respect if you knock me only when u want to get to know me with the intention of getting married otherwise please don't waste my time. also at the very onset after initial introduction my Wali would be involved
Thanks for reading. Hope Allaah helps us find the suitable match

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As soon as possible
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Prefer not to say
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Never married
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1.57m (5' 2")
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Masters degree
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Economics and sociology . Masters in development studies
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Not working right now
Very religious
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Yes Hijab
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