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A Little Bit About Me
Salaam everyone, how are you all today???
Thanks for reading this, let’s see if I can keep you entertained till the end.

What can I say, I have finally decided to move on with my life after 5 years of being single. Yes I have been married before , and yes I am no spring chicken... but who wants a chicken anyway. Surely what every lady wants and needs is a man who’s old enough to know right from wrong, and young and childish enough to do things you can get away with.

I am born and bred in the UK. Just in case anyone was wondering . I used to live in South London where I spent my young foolish days. Now my fate has landed me in Slough, where I am spending the rest of my foolish days.

I have two kids from a previous marriage, and I get to see them every other weekend. So anyone who has an adversity to kids should definitely be cautious about contacting me. I say they’re kids... they are teenagers daughter is 14. And my son is 13. Yes they do my head in.... I do their heads in....and we love each other sometimes. 😂

About me.... hmmmmm
This is the bit that is the hardest, I am very outgoing. Be it the movies or climbing a mountain... yes a proper mountain in the heart of Africa. Two very different things, but that shows who I am... I like the extreme crazy things and the every day things and everything in the middle. It’s not so much what I am doing, but the company I have when doing it.
I like to consider myself a very charitable person. Not just giving but also getting up and doing. I used to organise a fortnightly trip to Calais and Dunkirk to take aid for the refugees. Sometimes it was just me on my own, sometimes I would manage to force some friends to come with me. I have written a great blog on it (if I do say so myself). It would probably be worth contacting me just to read the blog 😂
On the religious side of the things I am always trying to be better. I kinda know what’s right and wrong.....even though I may not act upon it all the time...... what can I say, no ones perfect. But I have never touched alcohol and only eat halal.

I currently live on my own... can’t really count the fish as room mates. I cook, clean, take out the rubbish and even vacuum.... and the dishwasher is my best friend. So you could say I am pretty much house trained. I Would like a chance to get to know someone (halal way of course) with a serious view to marriage.
Honesty is very important to me as it should be the basis on which a relationship and marriage should be built... as well as love and respect and compromise.

I don’t mind meeting a divorcee or someone with kids.... or even a lady who hasn’t been married before. Ideally someone with a soft nature,

Any way if this has entertained you ... imagine what the real me is like.... swipe right and find out.

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What I Am Looking For
I am looking for some one to grow old with, a friend, a companion but most of all someone I can love and will love me for who I am and who I want to be.

I am not fussed about education or jobs. You can be working if you want, or chilling. At the end of the day our rizq is already written for us.

It is hard to say exactly what I want as everyone is different. But I know this much, that when you click, and can talk for ages about anything and everything, that is a good sign.
Trust and honesty is really really important, everyone has a past, but what I am more concerned with is the present and the future. Hope that makes sense.
Ideally you should know about Islam and be aiming to improve your self, hopefully we can help each other with that.

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