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Never married
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Before reading any further if you have not been brought up with value & respect for women: a mother, sister, daughter DO NOT match or contact me as it's shameful!

Don't refer to me as babe, hun or any other term.

I am a practising, honest, trusting, respectful and ambitious young lady.I'm an individual who will never give up and achieve my goals InshaAllah.

My beloved mother returned to Allāh swt. May Allāh swt bless my mother Jannat ul Firdaws.AMEEN.
Until this day It's still unbelievable and in the process of accepting. Something which I rarely talk about as it's heart breaking.

I'm living with 2 sisters and Dad. We are 6 siblings in total.3 of which are hitched with children mashaAllah. All my siblings are educated and have rewarding professions alhamdulilah. I am a qualified Fashion Designer would like to start something in that field one day InshaAllah at the moment I'm working in a school with children who are need of special educational needs extremely rewarding alhamdulilah. I'd love to have a family of my own InshaAllah as I want to become a mother one day if Allah swt wills.I would like to be able to pass on the values and morals etc to my children. I love cooking and hate shopping.I like spending time with my loved ones and my close friends I'm not into wasting valuable time as every second is precious. Thank you for reading

Not interested in small talk, dating, flirting, intimacy before marriage or endless chatting.
A NO: A Smoker includes sheesha. Local or willing to relocate. No previous relationships, into drugs or drinking.
Mawlids & khatums no issues😊
British born and bred in the UK.

I feel that getting involved with Individuals with children can become complicated..don't get me wrong I do love children.. Apologies in advance. However this can be discussed..so not ruling this out totally.

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What I Am Looking For
I'm looking for a God-fearing man that will let God unify and strengthen our relationship, will highly prioritize our marriage, and will make sure morals form the foundation of our family.

Strong moral code -A man who abides by a moral code is definitely a keeper in my eyes.A type of man who knows the difference between right and wrong. He always grounds his decisions in life on an understanding of a high moral ground.

A man who prides himself in morality and becomes my future husband who will definitely instill moral values in our children.

Good relationship with his family.A man who has a close and loving relationship with his family is a man I want to be with. This type of man knows the importance of family and truly cherishes family time. He will  most likely place great importance on family after marriage and begins to raise a family with me.

Also, a man who treats his mother with respect will most likely treat me with respect which is obviously worth having as a husband.

Understands the sanctity of marriage. A man who is marriage material truly understands the real purpose and importance of marriage. God willing; He will most likely uphold a life-long commitment. Since cohabitation and the hookup culture have now become norms in our society, which I'm totally against.

A man who values the sanctity of human life from womb to tomb. A man who knows that human life is precious will be more open to welcoming children into the world after we get married. He will also do his best to ensure that the elderly in both of our families are cared for, protected, and live their life to the fullest.

Hard work ethic A man who has a hard work ethic is definitely marriage material. He will never give up when working towards his ambitions. He will always work hard to provide for our future family financial support, no matter what circumstances come his way. He will also instill this same value in our future children. 

Shared life goals -A man who shares similar life goals with me will make a great husband. Sharing that similarity with me, he will most likely support my efforts in life. He will always be there to comfort me when I hit my lows and rejoice with me when I achieve my goals. Will support me even when I'm faced with setbacks.

A man who recognizes my beauty, inside and out, and honors my respect as he would his mother's sisters and daughters. A man who respects me as a woman and have a better understanding of my purpose in our marriage. Value me completely, not only for my physical appearance or features. A man who cherishes this quality in me will also teach his daughters to maintain their femininity and self-worth as they get older InshaAllah.

Selfless -A man who puts others before himself and gives a helping hand to those in need. A man who values selflessness will most likely be a loving, supportive husband and father.

A faithful man-who is faithful not only to me, first and foremost to Allah swt.

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