2 Love & be Loved is the desire we all seek

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I'm registering to find myself a partner
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Kind note to anyone who reads my Profile & is interested in my profile, A Hello/Hi is appreciated to know u may be interested in my profile and would be like to take things further, also I don'twant to offend or upset anyone in anyway. Also oblige me with a picture as I have to make consideration easier.

I'm looking for me myself & I, I Also don't need a mum for my children, especially now they are fully independent.
I am scared i don't want to approach anyone and get lectured, upset anyone or offend. Thank you

I am looking for some one I can woo, hold,protect,care, respect,honor and make her feel she has never known or loved this way, You may say I am a romantic, but it's Love we all want,need and deserve, compromise and do things she has always dreamt and wanted without any ulterior motive!?! well maybe just a little Love in return!

Ma sha Allah without being big headed I have never had a woman refuse on my looks once they have seen me in Person. I am forever grateful to the All Mighty Subhanah uta Allah. I Have travelled a lot Visited Many Countries on this beautiful colourful earth Allah swt has created for us, I would Love to travel more with the right Partner especially in nice romantic place's that's after Umrah 1st.
In sha Allah but first and foremost I would really enjoy and Love to do Umra / Haj for our Honey Moon!!?!

Why is it that only asian pre-judge? its quite clear and mentions in our holy book time and time again Allah swt is the creator and the only judge.

Can I ask you not to be judgmental until you seen me personally and met me face to face please! But then we are human! If it glitters!! Collect it! (R we Magpies)( I hope not!)
Honest Caring genuine gentleman what any women would want! (The only other pr-requisite be younger by number only,seeing is believing as they say) & quote;But then you wouldn't have such a rare finished Diamond without it's polish & it's final cuts carrot.

Without time and experience you would not have a finished product which you could be proud, happy of for the rest of your life to be the proud owner of the makings of the wealth of knowledge Allah swt has bestowed upon me, to make me your humble servant, to Protect,honour,respect and Love you forever. I am sure if you take the time to read me like a book you will be amazed, And I will make you feel so proud,Happy and glad you found me.
Oh!! I Love to sing and often get told I have a very nice voice and should have been a singer, SO!! I could sing you romantic Rafi songs.

Ps,I have children, which seems to be a problem to many ladies! and yet most women tell me I'm one in a million! most fathers abandon there children!?! My children are extra ordinary and want me to be happy,and would not cause any problems or be a hindrance to my marriage, As I said they are fully independent.
You want to be treated like a Princess I have daughters & sister's they will tell you I treat them the same. Only some one wants to be treated like a prince or appreciates what a women is or has been ordained for a man! A man and Women is each others Garments! Do people really know and understand the real meaning of this word!?! A woman came from a man's Rib! Why!?! DO men really treat there women with respect or as An equal?!? All these things come from the Heart,experience the understanding how u want to be treated and how u would treat some one when you really miss all that I know I will try harder! A wise lady said "A good Woman makes A Man Successful!" A bad Wife makes a Man A Philosopher!!! I think Masha Allah I have a lot of Philosophy's to make a good Person! I'd like to share this 1 glass half way is considered half full or half empty by some one who is not content or grateful. I know I Would be a good Successful Husband To Honour,respect,Protect and Love my Princess
If that made you weep a little!?! don't do it infront of me! you have a tear! I weep a lot, hate to see anyone upset or cry.
Thank You

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What I Am Looking For

TO Love and Be LOVED
That & quote Wondeful person & quote that helps me light up the room with her Big Smile every time we see eacth other,Like we are meeting for the 1st time!!!!

Love is uncontrollable it falls for you,you don't fall in love! It has no boundaries it's unpredictable all you have to do is give it a chance! as life is a chance,right opportunities are inevitable Love will succeed if your honest and genuine! Someone who can stimulate my mind and body!

Behind every successful man!! Is a Great Lady. The one who completes me, Helps me on the way to Jannah.
I am looking for a clean hearted and sincere woman who understands islam is not just a set of rules the only way to a good righteous life, Someone who is a compassionate individual. A woman not just in description but with all the best intentions to make a marriage a success inshallah.
Some one whom I will Love like she has never Known Love!!! Clean smart well dressed, smells gorgeous. As I have so much to Offer in many way's Especially "LOVE" I am very romantic.
Some one who would love to go to the chelsea flower show, despite the cold Love to go skiing to do the things people may say your crazy!! But Hey that's how I want to live, living and enjoying your life to the max!!
Some one who is not judgmental, wants to find some genuine and caring like me! really and truly wants to find a partner and get to know me and my personality
Remember "Once the Beauty has settled! the Personality and Good Heart remains!!!"Good Look's catch the Eye! (but lets face it! Beauty FADE's!!)
Good Personality Strikes the Heart and Remains' there for Ever!!
Beauty is where you find it!! as mum say look for a good seerat! Not Surat!

I wish you All the Luck in the World

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