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A Little Bit About Me
I’ve recently updated this section: 14.02.2023

-My parents are from Jamaica (I am a black woman) and I was born and raised here in the UK
-I’m a revert
-I have 4 children - 2 live with me
-I can NOT have anymore children, so please don’t message me if you want to have them.

-I looooove my family, friends and those close to me.
-I’m a home body and also like going for walks, love eating different types of food and going to new places.
-I have a great sense of humour - although my kids don’t think I’m funny🙄.
-I’m a volunteer and I help people where and when I can.
-I enjoy meeting people and can talk to anyone about everything and nothing.
-I’m not a snob or think that I’m above or better than others.
-Looove food especially if I don’t have to cook it! 🤣
-I’m definitely not a ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ chef but you might need an antacid, before, during and after eating my food 😆 (My children are still alive so I can’t be that bad or have they just built up a tolerance to my food 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️).
-I try to do my best in everything I do.
- I’m not perfect but I do strive to be a better version of myself
-I’m imperfectly perfect. 😁
-I don’t like arguing, shouting, the silent treatment, walking on egg shells you know all of those negative festering emotions that can destroy a relationship. I want Us to live in peace - be at peace with each other.
-I don’t hold grudges, I don’t have time for them as they steal your joy and don’t allow you to move on.

-I love watching movies that are action, sci-fi, horror, comedy, thrillers with lots of twists and turns. I loooove Marvel not really a DC fan...
-I listen to music of all genres - I have an eclectic taste (some would say I have no taste at all 😆) but I like what I like.

-I don’t wear make up every day. Only wear it for special occasions and then it is minimal
-I’m not someone who is into labels and has to have or wear the latest thing. But I do like niiiice things 😏
-I dress modestly and I don’t follow the latest fashion trends/styles - some would probably question whether I have any 🤣 as I dress how I want and how I feel.

I’ve recently joined a gym as I’m trying to be live/eat more healthy as I’m a chocolate puddin 🫣

I don’t know what else to write, but I will update this regularly when I think of something else to add or just ask me any questions and InshaAllah I will reply.

Please consider that when you are communicating with others via messaging that some words can come across as blunt or you might not be able to understand how the other person is trying to portray themselves.

It is difficult to hear their tone, pitch or speed in which they talk. For example, I love to joke about a lot and it’s not easy to display that in words without me writing LOLs everywhere or using 100s of emojis. 😄

So please always ask for more information or clarification and don’t be too dismissive of the other person because you misinterpreted what they said.

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What I Am Looking For
I’ve recently updated this section: 09.03.23

-Someone who doesn’t want anymore children as I can not have anymore and someone closer to my age.

-I’m serious about getting married and not interested in time wasters, “halal dating” (whatever that is?!)🙄, “let’s just see how it goes” or those that play games. Our time is precious so let’s not waste it on unnecessary interactions that can lead to the haram (yes I said it, the ”H” word) 🤭

-Most importantly we have to have a connection and not just on a physical level, it has to be alooooooot deeper than that. Especially as we all know looks can fade and people can physically change due to age, ill health or injury.

I’m looking for companionship, my confidant, someone forgiving, has integrity, is patient, romantic and all that jazz 🤗

-He who loves life and has a great sense of humour.
-He’s not judgemental and doesn’t look down on others - unless He’s helping them up.
-He will try to keep me grounded, feel safe as I can sometimes overthink things.
-He is able to say how He feels, what He wants, His likes and dislikes without being rude, making others feel stupid or being disrespectful.
-He knows who He is and is not afraid to admit His faults
-He must be good at resolving conflict in a way that both of our needs/voices and our families can be heard.
-He has to take me as I am and not try to mould me into His version of what I should be. There is a difference between encouraging someone to be and do better as opposed to someone wiping away the essence or soul of another person.
-He is humble, honest, respectful, trustworthy and all of the other excellent qualities someone wants in a Husband
-And of course, I am willing to reciprocate and strive to meet His needs, show appreciation for all the He does for Us, and Our Family ☺️

A gentle reminder: Please don’t be disrespectful, or rude when sending messages and blocking people on this site, it’s unnecessary. If you are not interested in someone just let them know politely and move on.

On some profiles it states that you want someone with manners and to be respectful but you don’t demonstrate it…

Thanks for reading my profile as I know I’ve written a lot 🤣✌🏾

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