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A Little Bit About Me
To be given a box to fill that illustrates all your traits and characteristics, is no easy task. I’m not one those people who is in a habit of talking about themselves and highlighting ones qualities. I think its best for others to recognise and appreciate your attributes.

First and foremost I value Islam, with its principles that are a hybrid of all good characteristics which I constantly aspire to, in order to improve myself. I always endeavour to remain within the parameters of my faith. I feel that this has given me a strong sense of what is right or wrong and I always try to do the right thing in all I do. I treat others the way I want to be treated. I don’t judge people on their status or monetary state.
I would like to think of myself as someone who is easy to get on with, no airs or graces. I have been told by friends and family that I have a relaxed friendly attitude, witty, intelligent, loyal and supportive always to my loved ones and friends. Never faltering to be there when needed. ( I know they are slightly biased).

From a recreational point of view, I do all the normal kind of activities ( when time permits) from dining out, socialising and enjoy spending time with family and friends. On the other hand I also cherish my quiet solitude moments. I try to look after myself with healthy eating and keeping fit, I take pride in my appearance and appreciate class and elegance in all things.

I am also quite a creative person, enjoy improving my living environment. Take a keen interest in interiors and design in general (dabble in DIY and decorating to perfection). Appreciate contemporary and minimalist living (so no clutter guys :-P). Love my bling at the moment ( I know you’ve seen my earrings lol-that’s only for weddings though). I know how to dress appropriately depending on place and situation.
In regards to my back ground, I come from a decent family with sound moral, religious and cultural attributes. My parents are from Wah ( just outside Islamabad in Pakistan). They speak Punjabi and Urdu, and we try to master our Urdu. I come from an educated family of professionals. We are a closely knit family, not to say that we are in each others pockets, but there for each other when the need be. I would say my siblings are amongst those who I consider my best friends and close confidants.

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What I Am Looking For
The attributes listed below are things I would appreciate in a person. None of them are compulsory, that is withstanding the sense of humour. Thats crucial, life is too short without that.

The qualities and characteristics I search for in my partner-
Intellectual & educated, someone who works hard and has aspirations to achieve a certain standard in life for himself and his family.
Someone worldly, understanding, thoughtful, good natured and kind.
Someone who is emotionally strong, is willing sit down and discus any issue.
Someone I can be open with, where there is mutual understanding.
Someone who doesn’t take life too seriously - has a sense of humour.
You may think that all the above is a big wish list but as the old saying goes…..” if you do not ask, you do not get!”

It goes without saying that attraction is important, which leads us to delve further . I am not looking for Brad Pitt. Just someone who has that certain style, that certain look or charm and someone that gets my attention. In essence someone with a presence or ‘roab’ as my mum would say. I'll know it when I see it.
So if you can make me laugh and I can relax with you then that’s a great start.

With all due respect, I will only consider UK citizens
Only interested in someone who is serious about settling down.
If you do not have a photo then please do not contacting me.
Only genuine gentlemen click on the button below please.
All the best in your quest iA.

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