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Single Muslim iOS App Launching Soon

Register now to BETA test the new Single Muslim iOS App, pre-luanch!


To register your interest please email us now at: pr@singlemuslim.com





We are excited to announce that the new Single Muslim iOS App will be launching soon and we are looking for volunteers to BETA test the new app and send us feedback.

*Beta testing is the process of subjecting a product to testing by real customers in their real environments prior to its release. It adds a key dimension to quality testing, with its unscripted use and wide variety of environments that can't be replicated in a lab setting.

To register your interest in testing the new Single Muslim iOS App you will need to have access to an Apple iPhone with iOS 8 or newer and a valid email address.

We expect testing to start by the end of July and the Single Muslim iOS App to be officially launched by the end of August.

Taking part in the test will give you access to the Single Muslim iOS App early.


Do you want to be the next success story?