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A cookie is a small piece of information which is set on your computer to remember information such as your username and login information. The data stored in these cookies can only be accessed by the site which set it, and cannot be used to identify or obtain personal information from you. Cookies help us to keep our site secure and ensure nobody else accesses your account. All cookies from are automatically deleted when you close your internet browser.

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To enable cookies in your browser, please follow these simple steps:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Go to Tools > Internet Options.
    • Select the Privacy tab.
    • Click the Default button which will allow cookies to be set.
    • Click OK and re-try logging in.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Go to Tools > Options.
    • Click the Privacy button at the top of the window.
    • Select the Cookies tab.
    • Ensure the box is ticked which says Allow sites to set cookies.
    • Click OK and re-try logging in.
  • Other Browsers
    • Please consult your internet browser's help file if you are unsure how to enable cookies.


All cookies can be removed via your browser or third party cookie-cleaning tools. More information about cookies, what they are and how they work can be found here:

Any of the following Software / Third Party Services can result in Cookies being inaccessible via your browser:

  • Browser Configuration:
    • Cookie Cleaning / Deletion / Blocking
    • Security Settings
    • Cookie Management
  • Operating System Configuration:
    • Cookie Cleaning / Deletion / Blocking
  • Firewall Settings:
    • Cookie Cleaning / Deletion / Blocking
  • Third Party Software:
    • Cookie Cleaning / Deletion / Blocking
    • Anti Virus Software
    • Anti Adware Software
    • Anti Spyware Software
    • Other Security Software
  • Internet Connection:
    • Cookie Cleaning / Deletion / Blocking
    • ISP Cookie Stripping
    • Network Cookie Stripping
    • Transport / Transmission Packet Loss