Why do you charge for your Gold Membership?

We invest heavily in servers, hardware, software development and advertising of the service, and the staff required to ensure the service is kept safe and real. We would love to provide a completely free service to all our Muslim brothers. However we have a lot of overheads to account for. 

Once you have upgraded to one of our Gold Membership packages you will be able to message over 1 million registered females on the website. All females on our website have complementary Gold Memberships and can send, read and reply to messages.

Your fees cover all the day-to-day running of the service, further development and marketing to make sure that we attract the very best in Muslim singles for you to choose from.

We have found that our policy of allowing females free access to the site has generated far more success for all our Users. We have a better balance of males and females on the site, which in turn leads to more success.

Our aim is to provide a high-quality service but regrettably we are only able to do this by charging a nominal fee for our service. I hope you understand why we have to charge these membership fees and may consider supporting our service now and in the future.