What is Gold Membership, and what are the benefits?

In order to use the full features on our website, you must upgrade your account to our Gold Membership. Initial registration is free and allows you to browse our vast database of profiles. This will give you the opportunity to see if there's anyone you would like to communicate further with, before making the decision to upgrade your account.

There are many benefits to upgrading your account to Gold Membership:

  • Send, read and reply to messages using our instant messaging feature
  • See who's viewed your profile
  • Perform unlimited searches of our extensive member database
  • Save your favourite searches and receive email alerts from new members
  • Priority Gold member support
  • See who has read your messages after you have sent them
  • See who's liked your profile (Premium feature)
  • View your matches (Premium feature)

Premium features are included in the subscription package for male members. Female members need to upgrade their membership to access the Premium features.