What is an online scam?

An online scam is when a criminal uses the internet, usually through a fake account, to attempt to extract money from you or gather / steal your personal data, such as passwords through a confidence trick.

Under no circumstances give, send or lend any money, Western Union payments, or any other valuables to any member of the site!

SingleMuslim.com works very hard to protect all our members from online scam accounts. However some scammers are very deceptive and manage to get past our various fraud detection measures.

You should always act with caution when meeting people online and be aware of type of actions scammers may take to persuade you to send them money or extract your personal information.

If, for any reason, you suspect an account of being a scammer, report it immediately using the Report User link on the profile page and cease all contact with that person.

Below are some typical examples of online scam techniques.