What information isn't allowed on my profile?

The following content is not allowed on your profile:

  • Content that contains email addresses, telephone numbers, web links or advertisements.
  • Meaningless content, random characters etc.
  • HTML code or tags.
  • Content that you don't have permission to use or breaches copyright.
  • Content that interferes with other User's enjoyment of the site.
  • Content that is not in the sites primary language of English.
  • Content that discriminates against any persons race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, beliefs or any other preference.
  • Content that is inappropriate for our site; sexy, adult, unlawful or un-Islamic.
  • Duplicated Content.
  • Content that breaches our Terms and Conditions.

SingleMuslim.com would recommend members not to use negative statements within their profiles, when making reference to people from other cultural / social / ethnic backgrounds. We would only recommend, making positive statements, regarding what would constitute your ideal marriage partner. Any content found by SingleMuslim.com that we deem culturally, religiously or socially discriminative may be removed without notice and/or your profile may be suspended from the site.