Introducing the gallery and image handling systems on

To access your photo gallery and image handling systems on the site, click on ‘My Photos’ on home page of your profile. Here you can see an overview of your photos galleries.

Every member is allowed to upload a maximum of 12 photos within their galleries. If you reach the limit of 12 photos, you will have to remove existing photos before you can add new ones to your galleries.

Uploading an image is simple, just click on the ‘Add a photo’ button for the Primary, Public or Private photo gallery and the Photo Upload dialogue will automatically open. Here you can confirm the gallery you want your photo to be uploaded to and choose the photo file you want to upload.

Once you have chosen the photo file you want to upload, our system will automatically detect the size of your file, at this point your photo may be re-sized before it is uploaded, this can take a few seconds, please be patient if your photo needs resizing.

Once your photo has been uploaded you will receive an on screen confirmation.

Note: All thumbnails and images on Single Muslim are now automatically squared. This is to keep the photo galleries consistent. If a photo is uploaded that isn't square, then our system will automatically crop it (using the two shortest edges) to make it square. This can involve the photo being zoomed in.

Note: We are very strict on all primary images. These must be closely cropped face images, similar to your passport photo. The main reason for this is to keep the photo gallery consistent and to ensure that primary images are clear to all browsers. Your primary image may be adjusted by the site admin, to fit the site guidelines, before it is made live on the site.

A preview of your photo will be now be shown on your profile.

To edit a photo, you need to click on it and the Photo Editor dialogue with a preview of your photo will automatically open.

The Photo Editor allows you to:

1. change the gallery the photo is currently in (Primary, Public, Private)

2. add or edit the note for your photo

3. zoom in or out or rotate the photo to the left or right. 

4. Once you are happy with your photo you can save it. If you want to remove your photo you can delete it from here.

Once you have uploaded your photos to the website, they will be placed in to a pending (un-passed) state until they have been approved by the site admin, this status is displayed on the ‘My Photos’ page.

Approved photos are available to view on your Single Muslim profile, apart from private photos which are controlled through the Photo Access Manager.

If you have photos in your private gallery, other members will need to send you a gallery request to be able to view them. You will be notified of the request and you will have the option of accepting or declining the request. If you approve a normal request to view your private photos, the other member will be able to view them indefinitely, or until you remove their access.

If both members have private photos, then both members can request to swap access to each others private photos. Please note a swap request last for 48 hours and can not be cancelled or undone. A swap request will expire automatically. Once you have requested access to see a members private gallery you will see that you have a pending request from that member within your Photo Access Manager.

When you receive a request to view your private photos you will receive a notification within the site menu and on your Control Panel.

You can view your current photo galleries, the status of each image and manage your private photo access at any time from the My Photos page.