How does the messaging system work?

As you navigate through the website you will be notified of any new unread messages within the site menu, or if you return to the Control Panel you will see a short summary of any new unread messages.

When you visit the My Messages page you will see a summary of any Conversations that you are having with other members of the site, including any new unread messages.
Note: Messages are now automatically placed into conversations allowing you to keep track of messages sent and received from other site members.
Note: Conversations are automatically ordered by most recent activity; the conversation with the most recent activity is at the top of the page.

You can delete an entire conversation, including all the messages within, from this page.

If you need to, you can also mark messages as spam, or report or block the other member.

Note: If you are accessing the site via a mobile device, this will be detected and a mobile friendly version of the new messaging system, with all the same features, will be automatically used.