What does SingleMuslim.com do to protect me against spam?

We spend a lot of time 'policing' the website to ensure that false or malicious accounts are deleted as soon as possible. We are constantly developing new tools and processes to help us identify and remove false or malicious accounts. However, we do rely on Users reporting suspicious accounts to us. If you feel that an account is false or malicious, please report this to us immediately and we will investigate the account and take the appropriate necessary.

All Users on the site have the option to report users on the site to our administration team. Simply click on the 'Report User' button located to the top right on every profile page. If you receive messages from another User that you believe to be 'spam' or inappropriate, you can use the 'Report Spam' button to report this message direct to our administration team. If you are unhappy with another User and do not wish to receive further communication from them, you can 'block' them by clicking on the 'Block User' button, at the top of the page, or by ticking the box next to a message they have sent you, in your in-box, and clicking on the 'Block User' button at the bottom of the page.