How do I access other members private photos?

Before you can view the private photos of another member on the site, you first need to request permission to view them and be approved to do so. To request access, go to the other members’ photo gallery, click on one of the private photos and click on the ‘request access’ link. Doing this will send the member a notification which tells them you have requested access to their private gallery. The other member will then either accept or reject your request. You will be notified by email either way.

There are two types of access to private photos:

Normal Access: You can request normal access to view private photos. If approved, you will be able to view the other members private photos indefinitely, or until they remove your access.

Swap Access: If you have private photos within your own profile, you can request a swap access. If the other member accepts your swap request, both members will have access to each others private photos for a period of 48 hours (from when the request is approved). Please note that a swap request can not be cancelled or undone. A swap request will expire automatically after 48 hours.

You can view the status of all your current and pending private photo requests from with the Photo Access Manager on your My Photos page.