looking for honest and loving person

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Somewhat religious
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Never married
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I'm registering to find my brother a partner
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Mature decent very humble and loving guy.

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Assalamualaikum everyone,

Thank you very much for visiting my brother's profile, hope you all get yourself a best match for your future family.

Like to share the details of my family first then my brother. We belong to a middle class Kashmiri family ( Jamoo kashmir not Azad kashmir) our caste is Mir. We are living in Karachi before 1947 (before india/Pakistan partition) as my grand father was working as an architect in Karachi and after partition my grand father decided to settled here. We speak urdu, English and understand punjabi little bit but can't speak 😊, our elders can.

My brother is a mature decent guy and took the responsibility of family when our father passed away 16 years back. We are 2 sisters and 3 brothers.
His number is third then two brothers. We sisters are married alhamdulillah , elder sister lives in Karachi and younger sister in in Dubai.

My brother is very caring and humble in nature and as per modern age he understands the required openes of mind and adjust himself accordingly, soft spoken and don't appreciate or try to push things, so any body like to massage or want to start communication will be welcome no issue at all, those are also welcome who's parents wants to inquiry any details.

Doing job as a Manager Technical/IT (Call center/VOIP) in a reputable logistics company. We like him to select his sole mate and have a very happy life. He tries to maintain balance in deen any dunya, try to pray 5 times a day, done Umrah, like to travel by road, to explore northern areas of Pakistan. Like to hear music, watch movies and all things which normal people do. Going out with friends and some times with family as well.

He have done bachelor degree, certificate course in electronics and Microsoft certifications as per his job requirements.

His age is 40, was born in Dubai Aug-1980.

We are looking for a suitable girl for him under 32 years of age but above age are also welcome not more then 38 years of age, Allah knows better who is better for us, hope you all understand.

Don't hesitate to massage if you like to have chat or any query, swap request is only to show the interest and if you rejects the request it's also fine no hard feelings, everyone want to have a beautiful person with personality. Most of the details are updated as well.

Do text/massage plz don't hesitate, as your text will be acknowledgement to show interest on my brother.

He is not willing to relocate because he wants to live with mother but who knows about future, what Allah have decided.

Do respect that if you are willing to see his pics, have to share yours as well , pictures help us to create image of a person or you can say for first view of that person (vice versa), as everyone want to have an Angle 😊.

I am writing it behalf of my brother, he will be giving the giving answers directly to your massages and you can also directed to me if don't want to communicate with my brother, I will be answering your questions. Hope that I have make things clear to have you understand all, I guess.

please upload your latest picture everyone is beautiful and if you are not uploading your current pic that not honesty.

May Allah bless all of us with his kindness insh Allah.

"If everyone wants to relocate them self looking for US or UK person to get married then who is going to be in Pakistan, just a thought"

Text me to get my number to communicate


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over 50,000
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Manager technical support
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