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A Little Bit About Me
Assalaamualaikum. Thank you for clicking through, I hope you are well?

A quick description of myself: I'm one of 5, a teacher by trade, an avid reader, creative, pragmatist, reflective - a little scatty brained at times but logic always prevails in the end (I like to think).

Some notable reads in no particular order:

1. Bill Bryson: a short history of nearly everything
2. Zadie Smith: White teeth (and various)
3. Thomas Hardy: Various
4. Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre
5. Freakonomics (don't remember who by?)
6. Harper Lee: To kill a mockingbird
7. Malcolm X: autobiography

I like trying new things, be it a sport, hobby, or type of food. I love to cook and would love to sample world cuisines if we are lucky enough to travel the world. If we do make it, you and I - bring your appetite!

I love all things science, the arts and history and have taken up cycling these last few years. It's such a blessing to cycle the beautiful landscapes of the west midlands and the uk whenever possible.

I am mostly cup half full, and will try to find the good in everything but have a low tolerance for mean spirited people. I try to be a force for good where possible - sometimes at odds with the ravings of my inner cynic.

I have been married once before albeit very briefly, we didn’t quite make it to the walima ceremony beyond the Nikkah. I put it down to the naive and optimistic outlook of a 20 something. More detail about that can be disclosed to those who are not completely put off thus far!

About my personality; I have a quirky sense of humour, don’t take myself too seriously, am soft hearted, dutiful towards family and friends and generally am drawn to kind hearted people who are naturally inquisitive, adventurous and generous with themselves.

I have been writing over the years and hope to be published one day.

By day I'm the manager/owner of/teacher at a small learning centre that delivers creative and academic courses/clubs. By night I ponder over some aspect of religion or world philosophy or laugh at topical issues - courtesy of Netflix, IPlayer or the few books I've on the go. There may even be a movie or two. So my time is usually accounted for - but I'm looking more closely at this post Umrah (December 2018) to redress the current imbalance in work:life activities.

At the risk of chronicling my very unremarkable life story here I will end by stating that I try to live a relatively uncomplicated life, which I am looking to share with someone who is good at heart and compassionate inshaAllah.

I firmly believe that life is infinitely more beautiful when shared. I sincerely hope that I will finally get to share my tiny little corner of the world with that someone special.

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What I Am Looking For
A humble and reflective, working individual with a solid moral compass; who is prepared to commit to all that marriage entails with a smile and taqwa in their heart.

Someone with a sense of adventure and an open mind. A gentleman.

Ideally an outdoorsy type with a genuine passion for exploration of places of natural, cultural heritage. Someone compassionate, who leads with emotional intelligence. Playful and youthful in character.

Preferably someone who has an interest in the arts and the sciences or an inquisitive nature. Someone with a good handle on their aggression and their funny bone!

Preferably UK nationals **

** For ease of communication, and greater cultural similarity, without having to contend with a language barrier too!


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