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Just Muslim
Somewhat religious
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Never married
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Before i begin i want to say that i am Bengali! Everyone keeps on assuming i am Pakistani so thought i would make that clear from the beginning.

Really hard to describe myself but i would like to think i am:

Open minded, loyal, down to earth, caring, understanding, very easy going, spontaneous, chilled and hopefully funny lol

Every profile probably sounds the same out there but i am straight to the point and know what i want.

A die hard football fan who supports Liverpool if that's of any interest to anyone. So you may want to get used to constant shouting at the TV every now and again, advance warning lol.

Just like everyone else i am another foodie but who doesn't love to eat right?? I have a sweet tooth for desserts, i could live off them. So yes i am that person even after eating a 3 course meal will still want dessert afterwards and more lol

I do love travelling and being out and about so that could be short weekend breaks away, holidays abroad, days out to the beach or anywhere in general to go sightseeing just to enjoy a nice day out. As well as all that, we all love a lazy day where you just wanna chill at home on a sunday and do absolutely nothing and im all for that as well 👍

I am a spontaneous person who enjoys doing things out of the blue so long drives at night as i do love driving or random last minute roadtrips anywhere as i believe those spontaneous moments create the best memories.

Gym is another passion of mine and i go 5 days a week. It's something that has become a big part of my life so i could really do with a gym buddy which will be a bonus. So having someone on that same wavelength would be great but its not a deal breaker at all. So anyone reading this please do not be put off as its just something i like to do for myself.

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What I Am Looking For
Ideally looking for a like minded individual who is:

Kind hearted, caring, family orientated, has a good sense of humour, bubbly, fun, loyal, outgoing and spontaneous. 

I don't ask for much, I just want to lead a simple happy life with my future wife so a bit of effort, appreciation, consistency, communication and making time goes a very long way and vice versa. These are just the basic fundamentals of any relationship moving forward.

I like to go off vibes sometimes where there is that instant click with someone where you can talk about anything for hours on end lol. Natural flowing conversations which isn't being forced. Someone who i can have banter with because lifes to short to be miserable all the time. Laughing and just having fun together, being spontaneous and making the most of life but being serious when needs be. However most importantly someone who i can get along with and bounce off each other. Personality is key obviously but i also believe some mutual attraction has to be there as well. Someone i can grow with where we can help each other achieve our goals and work towards the future as husband and wife.

I believe prayer and sabr leads to ultimate peace and happiness within. Alhamdulilah this has been one of the biggest changes of my life as I do pray my daily salah and make up any that i miss. I want to continue learning more about our deen and improvements can always be made on a daily basis. This is something which i want to improve upon with my future partner and pray together inshallah because everyone is on a different journey and i fully understand that. 

Personailty, attitude and how you are as a person is what matters for me more. Always be kind and may allah bless us all in this journey 🙏


I cannot stand people who lie and waste my time as i genuinly want to get to know someome for the intention of marriage. Can't be dealing with people who match and then don't talk or reply back every few days and then eventually disappear! One thing i hate more than anything is dead conversations and one word replies so please make the effort if you do match. If your not interested then just say so. I cannot stress that enough because its frustrating when you genuinely want to settle down and move things forward but only 1 person is making all the effort.

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United Kingdom
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Next year
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15,000 - 25,000
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Never married
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United Kingdom
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1.73m (5' 8")
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Software Systems for Arts & Media
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Sales Assistant
Somewhat religious
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Just Muslim
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