I've eaten vegetables more interesting than you

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How about a little bit about vegetables?
I'm no biologist. But human DNA shares astonishing degree of similarity with vegetables. So the story of our origins is, complicated...

Arrogance was the first sin. Satan thought he was above mankind. Then man came along with the arrogance to dismiss any evidence of his animal ancestry. Bc Apes can't use Snapchat filters. Or perform abortions. Obviously.

As a (slightly) less hairy bi-pedal ape, I'm too physically/mentally constrained. But maybe that's the whole point of us no? If we were perfect, what would be our test? What would be our story? Overcoming imperfections IS our story. And that sets you apart from Mr Harambe. Harambe doesn't look up at the moon ant contemplate sending his kind up there. A tree is enough of a challenge for his kind.

That's enough of Mr Harambe. Here's my story.

I'm unapologetically materialistic. Only I'm more interested in making things than just buying them. Things from jet engines to surgical robots. I'm an artist really. My pallet is the periodic table of elements. The central one (for now). With that kind of pallet, civilization is in your hands. From the stone age to the nano age, making things made humans into what they are. It's how transcend our physical limitations. We can't fly with the strength of muscle. But we learnt to fly with the strength of our mind. And go much faster/further/higher than any creature could.

When you look at it that way, does it really matter if our distant ancestors were trilobites and apes? It's not where you came from that matters. But where you're going.

An interest in "things" led to a career in engineering/science. Currently finishing off (in a few months) a PhD in metallurgy with fluid dynamics. Thermodynamics of phase changing liquid metal. Fiendish stuff. I've even spent time as a foundrymen in Birmingham during my research. ladling 40ib of liquid metal like a boss. (there'es a reason foundry men have big arms). Manliest experience ever! Did have the splash of liquid tin droplets hand on my scalp. Which makes me a true metalhead. And yes, that also means musical tastes. My Music will give you PTSD.

We (bi-pedal, space venturing apes), have been making things for 100,000 years. We've landed robots on comets. But the best achievement so far are snap chat filters. A portal to the parallel universe where humans are so evolved they look like Disney characters. It's also the worlds most reliable contraception. Just saying..

But we're still making out making things in a sustainable way. When you look at landfills and our enormous apatite for waste, you question whether we're really as intelligent as we think we are. I believe sustainability is the next stage of human civilization. And it need't be dreary mediocrity of vegan diets and mud huts. Industrial sustainability is what I'm involved with. Specializing in additive manufacturing. Or in peasant terms: "3D printing".

Spent some time in Singapore on a research visit with their national agency for Scientific research. And then I got spoiled. Life in Singapore is just better. At least for me. I was about as irritable as your mum with menopause after landing back in Heathrow. We're very good at inventing things in this country. But Singapore is a place you'll see innovation being implemented.

Research is moving West to East. And so am I apparently as Singapore gave me a job as a postdoc scientist. I'll be there (after submitting my PhD) to develop metal matrix composites among other things. They pay more. And have nicer food. I'm out here...

My parents came to the west for a better life. But now I'm moving to the far east for an even better life. Oh the irony...

Scientific research can be stressful. So I like to unwind by drawing extreamly complicated things. I also make/paint model aircraft/ships.

If I'm really down and lacking motivation, I like blasting down a mountain bike trail to ride myself into a bone shaking, heart hammering adrenaline soaked pulp. And have the song "BFG division" by Mick Gordon on repeat.

Other forms of testosterone fueled rampage include; running, lifting heavy ballast, mountain climbing, and technical ice climbing. I visit museums and exhibitions around my areas of interest. Recently started playing the bass guitar. Like all bass players, I'm single.

Probably not your cup of tea. But that's okay. Having spent a year on and off this thing, I have a feeling you're not my cup of double espresso either. You'll find me complicated headache, absurd and totally unrelatable. And I'll probably found you depressingly lame, unoriginal and also unrelatable.

Or you might see something in me you dig. I bet it's my smile. And If I see more than just a pretty face that I like, we'll match.

Open to any ethnicity

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What I Am Looking For
+Must have a father who's an army general in a 3rd world country. So he can let me play with tanks on the weekends. Asian nepotism at its best!

+Must know how to drive a bus

+Must play harmonium and sing wacky songs like a gypsy. For some fun times ==D

+Must listen to Jimmy Hendrix guitar solos before sleeping

+Must like wearing humongous headphones

+Doesn't like to decorate herself like a rickshaw with all that gawdy south Asian jewelry

+Must be able to perform a Cossack dance

+knows how to make Kompot with fruits stolen from the neighbors garden

+Mustn't pronounce Chicken Cottage in a funny way. Like Chicken CoTTTTTTT(*1000)age

+Must play at least 5 chords on a guitar

+Must be able to hold conversations in dinner parties around the following topics: Japanese naval ordinance from 1905 to 1945, sustainable business models and coal kazakhstan

+Knows how to hunt with a bow and arrow. Like a REAL women

+Can summit Everest without an oxygen bottle

+Use less oxygen than me

+Must tolerate +9 to -3 Ge force for 3 seconds

+Run a 1.5 miles under 10 mins

I don't ask for much

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