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Somewhat religious
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Health Care Professional
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Never married
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Please don't contact me if you have no pictures or require approval to view your pictures. I'm not looking for anyone who is shia, mirpuri, do not have a British citizenship, below 5ft10 and have children thankyou. *please refrain from being offended and sending me abusive messages you're making yourself look bad and immature.

Salaam and thanks for looking at my profile.
Firstly, yes I am from Scotland but that doesn't stop me from communicating and getting to know someone we do have mobiles here :) I'd like to get to know someone for marriage purposes, if that's your interest too then distance shouldn't be seen as an issue.

So I'm looking for a hubby i can annoy the life out of! :P I'm currently working as a social care officer supporting children, I'm also a registered dental nurse. I've always worked in care, previous to this I worked in a few psychiatric hospitals and before that I supported adults with learning disabilities. I am hoping to find my match on here soon Inshallah! as im getting old and my biological clock is ticking and I hear you need a man to help along with that unfortunately!! I would prefer not to have children straight away as I'd like to get to know ma hubby first.
I guess you've already legged it....?!
Im quite an independent girl, i love working, I chat a lot of rubbish, get along with everyone, bit of a tomboy at times, love sci fi, like rnb music, big bang theory is great to watch when im needing a good laugh, im quite stubborn but thats just because im right :) i like cooking but not the cleaning so u can help me with that lol, i love driving so expect to sit in the passenger seat and fill the tank up for me :P My friends say i'm down to earth and genuine, not your typical asian girl, and that I should've been born blonde haha. I am bit of a tom boy, i like playing sports and doing things outdoors, I like sci-fi programmes and movies, and the usual like shopping, cooking, spending time with friends and family and going to the gym 6 times a week so I'm looking for someone who enjoys keeping fit too that's pretty essential for me as I want to keep this a part of my lifestyle.

Also I'm a believer in being able to do what you ask of others. If you expect me to Cook which I can, I expect you to be able to as well. I'm not interested in mummy's boys who don't have any life skills.

I'm an independent girl. I don't need a man to provide for me, if U don't have respect for me then U have nothing of interest to offer me .

Please don't contact me if you don't have a photo to view, really don't understand why people would't want a photograph to complete their profile, and then are not willing to email you upload a pic and cut out the games please :)

I also do not give my mobile number If you are genuine you would understand the reasons behind it. At the end of the day I need to look after myself. There are many social media apps for communicating with. Sorry if this upsets your happiness but I'm not keen on changing my number because people's true colours come out.
Trust needs to be earned and it takes time.
Please remember I am someone's daughter/sister, speak appropriately as you would want ur sister to be spoken to. Often when boys don't like hearing something that's not the right answer in their eyes, your given abuse and blocked. If you have these childish characteristics and anger issues please don't contact me. Not everything will be seen in your point of view, there's times when u have to be open minded and accept there's other choices.
Marriage is a lot of compromise, understanding and maturity.

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What I Am Looking For
I'm looking for someone who is a british born pakistani, sunni, arain (caste is not essential just a good thing to have in common)
a non smoker
quite a tall man above 6ft as many have not been comfy if i wear heels! im a girl i wear heels...
im just looking for my match and a best friend who can put up with my good and bad habits and someone open minded..thats a big must for me. someone who helps better me as a person and a muslim.
I'm looking for Mr tall, dark and handsome :) who is non-judgemental and open minded, attentive, funny, spontaneous...list goes on. Who realises things are not perfect but needs hard work and not just to give up at the first signs of difficulty.
*please atleast have a photo to view as I have, thankyou

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15,000 - 25,000
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Never married
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United Kingdom
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1.73m (5' 8")
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dental nursing/children's social services
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Health Care Professional
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Dental Nurse/ social care officer
Somewhat religious
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