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NOTE: Pls only contact me if you are serious about marriage and happy to involve family.

I am divorced since 2016 and have 3 independent teenage children. My marriage ended due to lack of compatibility due to an arranged marriage at a young age.

I am in a very good stage in my life Alhumdulillah and am ready for meeting someone for marriage.

I am open to guys who have children, but please do ensure you have a good relationship with your ex with contact arrangements as its really important you have this balance to move forward in your life as well as your children’s wellbeing. I am happy to support if needed and would like the same support and understanding with my children.

I have a good sense of humour and enjoy the light hearted banter. I have a good job, education and like having intelligent conversations.

At this stage in life im looking for a good companion, someone to travel with, tick things off our bucket lists (we all have them im sure!), grow together islamically and ultimately grow old together.

I pray regularly and would like to meet someone who also prays.

I enjoy keeping fit, i walk alot and go to the gym. I enjoy going out but at the same time like chilling at home.

Someone with a good sense of humour, knows how to treat a woman with love, care and respect. Must have a good job and education. Must be UK citizen. Only contact me if you are serious please as too many time wasters on these sites

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What I Am Looking For
ONLY British Citizens please and over the age of 38.

Someone who prays regularly and if not has the intention to. Who is ready for marriage as quite often men on this site are not ready or just want to mess about or be ‘friends’, sorry but i have amazing female friends and not interested in having male friends.

Someone who is settled, has a good career and must be a British Citizen.

I get asked alot as to why im still single since my divorce in 2016 and it simply is because most men who contact me their intentions are not good. They try to convince you that they are serious, not like other men, have put their past behind them and ready for marriage. In reality once the initial conversations are done and you meet them it becomes apparent they want a physical relationship to ‘get to know you better’. Sorry guys i have too much self respect for that, and please remember we are muslims.

So please if you are reading my profile and think we may be a match pls answer these questions before you match with me:

1. Am i over my ex?
2. i wont feel guilty moving on in regards to how my children may feel?
3. Am I mentally ready to move into a new relationship?
4. Would i be happy to introduce my new partner to family and friends?
5. i am happy to marry a divorcee with children and not worried about what family and friends will think?
6. Am i ready to commit emotionally with my new partner?
7. Am i ready to accept and respect my new partner and her family?

If the answer is no please do not contact me as i have spent too much time talking to guys who after 2-3 weeks suddenly decide they are not ready!

I have wasted too much of my precious time on indecisive men.

But if the answer is yes to the above please do contact me as clearly we both are ready to move on to an exciting part of our lives and make the most of our lives together with abundance of love, respect and understanding.P

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