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Asalaam Alaikum, 🤗

Far too many people are Looking for the Right person then ‘being the Right Person’

Please Read before initiating any contact..
as looking for someone that can relocate as im not here to waste your or my time

This short profile? Lol! ( i suppose if your really serious about marriage you would put the time and effort into getting to know the other whether through a profile or any other means of communications after all your on here to find 'The Rightful' long life partner and things don't happen overnight until you have researched and read into it Lol!)
it shows that I am serious about marriage too :) and saves time and gives you a better picture of what im about.
I don't give up bcos im weak its because a smart women knows herself worth and if you don't value her and respect her feelings or put any effort in making this work she will move on!

I'd like to say many people won't understand but thats okay..... my profile wasn't meant for them Insha'Allah it will reach for who it was :)

Please note: Am seeking A halal marriage... A Husband A loving companion 💑 to complete my deen not marrying for his status nor here seeking a boyfriend or to flirt and entertain you if your bored just for the fun of it!

Alot of people on here are trying to obtain my number through the means of them not having their pic and wants to share it on watsapp...well as I understand some of you don't want to display ur pics and as you KNOW this site has also got a PRIVATE gallery of to whom you wish to 'Approve' to share your pics with so there is no need for you to acquire my number to send me ur pics. So.....NO PIC - NO REPLY
Also: Only UK Residents/Non-Smoker..... and please no VISA Seekers!!!!!

note: before getting intouch i make aware that for valid reasons i do not work/drive. if this is an issue or excruciating for you to read and swallow then i kindly suggest you move on to next profile..I wish you all the best of Luck!

I'm simple ordinary but pure, honest, affectionate, compassionate person with priceless Loving caring qualities l am straight forward and straight to the point... I believe trust and honesty is the key in life.
Attraction -who don't want their potential partner not to be attractive?! yes looks are of some importance But Personality is of a Greater Value.
I believe...Don't look much into for a pretty face...it will turn old one day...Don't look for a soft skin it will wrinkle one day but look for a loyal heart that will miss you every day and will remain by your side to love you for ever!
its whats in the heart and mind and soul that really matters.....pure clean intentions of the others I seek.
My potential partner must be easy going, calm and sweet natured, bubbly polite person that holds a good sense of humor (this is a must) where we both can get silly in content in each other's company ..and laugh at each others jokes
I don't like people who are grUMpy and create Drama or hold grudges and jus nag N nag! nor do I tolerate any Domestics/Violence... nobody should! Lifes too short to be wasted on that.

I am free spirit either admire me from the ground or fly with me but don't try to cage me! (I'm all about loyalty and Lovvve and calmness)😊🤗
I am a person with a good sense of humor, I have a very passionate heart with good intentions to help others and it does not mean that i allow anyone to take advantage of my kind nature too
I believe Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up. I would do my utmost to respect and make my future companion mine (feel loved) as i judge the other by their character and not be 'fooled' by their words so if he is the one i will sincerely hold him so closely deep within my loving Heart. (leaving that to judge for yourself)
Treat me like a Queen and i'l.... treat you like a King...treat me like a Game and...Allah SWT will show how it's played (Karma!)

For me Islam has always been about the Core of religion to be a good person, being seen as a good human being by both Muslims and non-Muslims. If you lose good manners, good character your good morals then you have lost half of your religion and personality.
I believe in Blessings in giving than receiving. There are two kind of people Takers and Givers well...Takers Eat better and Givers Sleep better, I sure am a sleeper which leads me too quote I'd rather sleep a Hundred of years and be Kissed and awakened by the Right Prince than be kissed a Hundred times by the wrong frog!
I always believe in Allah, that everything happens for a reason. I am blessed with one sweet teenage child. I am seeking to meet a person who is decent caring pious humble and Allah fearing and loving and pious like myself. I believe without Allah (SWT) I am nothing.
Im in search of an ideal partner who is compassionate, considerate tolorent/patient and mainly loyal n understanding likes to treat others how he'd want to be treated.

A meaningful life is not being Rich or Popular OR Handsome but being highly educated and in understanding others and being Real, humble and being able to share ourselves and touch lives of others in a compassionate way. ✨🤗 I'm in search of the potential that holds eastern and western values and also has to be neat and clean where hygiene is concerned, someone who can differentiate between Halal and Haraam, this makes him the utmost handsome. 👍
To Love somebody isn't a 'strong feeling' It's a Decision, a Judgement AND a Promise.
I'm caring and considerate know that Love can bring out the best in people 👌 and this is what I will strive and endeavor for in married life.💑 I'd want to be loved by a 'charming Pleasant man' 😇 who knows how to primarily take care of his wife his companion who he holds and Protects like a ‘Precious diamond’ 💎away from all the evil and badness of this world (well tries to anyway) I have admiration and a deep respect for every good value of which this person will holds within himself.
I will have the greatest desire for us to share the good and the testing times together as one, (it takes both sides to build a bridge)
In search of someone to love till we grow old be there for each other (as marriage is not a joke) want him to shower me with all his love, be considerate, affectionate and caring, is romantic and holds respect, You have to dive deep into my heart to see the ocean of Love :) and this i mean will come with time your patience and consideration I'm looking for a true, honest loving Gentleman I am not materialistic and believe money ££ CANNOT buy TRUE LOVE! ❤️
Build bridges not walls, spread Love not hate, live your life to the fullest.... Live and let live!!....always remain happy :) if you can't Love someone don't hurt them either.
life is short… live it in content in a good blessed way, my way is having a caring, loving long life partner that has faith is Allah fearing and is looking for similar attributes who can see my point of view step onto the same page and wavelength as me so we can understand and ride this journey together, trust , love one another smile, laugh at each other’s jokes, eat, drink, pray, fast, give to charity, go out for walks, long drives, seaside, parks, watch movies, romantic meals-eat in or out and celebrate special occasions together as ONE etc. I think you get my drift!….. Let the precious love we will hold for each other lead us to ‘Jannah al Firdos’ Insha’Allah.🙏🏼
If you've got this far and like what you've read and that is you out there someone sincere and genuinely serious about marriage, and willing to spend rest of life in marital Bliss then do get in touch (the ones that allow their pics... and please no time wasters or BS’tz)

There is more to one’s profile but I guess I’ve nearly said it all.
My Sincere Dua’s are with all those who are 'genuinely' in search of their spouse....May Allah SWT help you find your rightful partner😊...All the best!

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What I Am Looking For
I suppose i Will know more once we've initiated contact and sought compatibility but here is clear pic of what im seeking for...
A man that knows and understands what marriage means and knows the value and respect of a women....A Real man can't stand seeing his women Hurt he's careful with his decisions and his AcTiOns so he never has to be responsible for her pain...A tongue has no bone but it can break a Heart so be Careful with your words mean what you say, and say what you mean. Also a smart women don't actually believe what she hears, she lets his action speak for him and not just his words 👉strongly believe that AcTiOnS SpEAK LOUDER than W O R D S. Searching for someone that is of Softly spoken and Loyal Trustworthy, Humble and is Romantic, considerate, calm caring and decent. My best friend, My Husband to be...A true Gentleman...that can be my strength in my weakness (not the one that runs off in testing times...looking for a man not a mouse) as it goes... anyone can LOVE YOU when the Sun is 'SHINING'....its in the STORM is where you LEARN....who CARES for you and is 'there/with..beside' YOU!
I want a 'Patient' Good and the Best loving life's journey Companion..who holds all the above loving qualities. is that you?
The strength of a man isn't seen in the power of his arms it's seen in the 'Love with which he embraces with.. the one that brings joy and burns OUT the pain and does anything to make his loved one smile. 😊
The one that truly holds my/similar morals, principles, Beliefs and attributes 🌹

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