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A Little Bit About Me

So I decided to re-write my profile.
Not that I faked the 1st one but because it didn't serve its purpose. I’m not saying that writing profile is easy!!
And I think my 2nd version of profile was too long that no one bother to read or it attracted people who actually didn't read my profile :(
So here is my 3rd version of profile. Wish me luck.
(Added after finish 3rd version: its still long!! hahaha)

I'am moslemah, perform prayer 5x a day, recite Al Qur'an, do my best in do sunnah (prayers, fastings, dzikirs, etc) although there are rooms for improvement and learning as I'm still lacking of many things

My personality,
1st, I’am talkative. That’s for sure.
2nd, I laugh much. Not easily, but if I find something is funny, no matter how simple it’s, then I laugh. Sometimes alone :D
3rd, sometimes when no body around I just start move, dance with umbrella, run etc. I'm a shy person :D
4th, I'm person who usually get to play bad cop in roleplay :D
5th, I'm type of person who makes list before go for grocery shopping

Reading, a lot. I read whatever, for fun and knowledge.
Listening on music, yes. I don’t have preferred genre.
Watching movies, yes.
I like cleaning. Some hours ago (170318) my lil sist told me that see me cleaning gives her headache. No idea what she means.
What else I like.
Sit crossed legs on floor, watch and play with sleeping cat, should it be counted as hobby? Because I do that a lot.
DIY is interesting, though most of mine end in failure. At least I’am being honest about it hehehe

I’am not a good cook.
But I do cook and I'm survived, Alhamdulillah, so don't worry :D
I can make what I like. I mean, I do learn. In any case, don’t worry. Give me time and I will learn, months, or minutes so I can go out and buy something for you :p

Normally I don't put make up. Sometimes for special occasion, yes. My skin is umm sensitive hehehe So I look quite plain daily :D for now, I mean, anyway hehehehe

General agreement I make with my lil sist is that I'am 163cm so that she can be at least 160cm :D


Fave Color,

What else I should write in profile for online matrimonial site? I think I will keep mine updated time to time.

As english isn’t my 1st language so there must be mistake here and there in my profile. My apology. But I’m sincerely writing my profile :)
And sorry for my too long profile. This much (write and read) is minimum effort needed to find a marriage match. Don’t u think so :)

Are you still reading my profile? Thanks. If you are still interested to have further discussion with me about um greater purpose, reason why I’am in this site, then drop me message with format :
(Salam *in whatever way you write it*, Red, apology accepted! bla bla bla).
So I know that my profile is worth reading :) which so far get me no message (3rd version!)
And if you decide that you aren’t interested, hiks hiks, poor us (me for write and you for read), thank you for your time and good luck!

May Allah gives us what is best for us, Aamiin :)


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What I Am Looking For
So, you are still here even after read that ‘A Little Bit About Me’ section?
Congratulation, you have passed the 1st screening! Hehehe

I’m looking for a good husband. Someone who does his basic obligation as moslem, 5x prayers a day and go to mosque every Friday for Juma prayer.
Who won’t get upset if I wake him up for night prayer, who won’t mind to wake me up for night prayer.
Who recites Al Qur’an, fasting in Ramadhan etc etc.
Someone who is wishing to be better and better moslem and will bring me with him, Aamiin. Bring our future child/ children, Aamiin.
I’m looking for someone who will be fully dedicated to be good imam for me and for our future child/ children, Aamiin.
I want to marry a guy who will bring our future son, Aamiin, with him to mosque. Who will have our future daughter, Aamiin, have at least same childhood as mine (the story doesn't make the cut into 3rd version :D)

I’m looking for a guy who is smart and knows how to have fun.
Someone to whom my future child/ children will look up, and for me laugh with till the end.
Someone who will be my side as I will be at his, as best friend of each other at moments of need
A warm guy who won’t feel shy to hug our future children for love they need.
Someone who will accept me for who and how I’am.
Who has no problem to share house chores with me and our future child/ children, Aamiin. I’am not lazy person, are you?! :p
Someone who cooks? Hehehe
Someone who will talk to me and let me take care of him.
Someone who will let us play partner.
I would like to be pampered, but my future husband deserved it as well :)

I have many siblings. And I love my parents. I want to marry a guy who will treat them as his, as I will treat his as mine.

I prefer a guy with good job and financially stable. Preferable 29-32 years old. As it will need good work to convince my mom to let me marry much older guy. I’m being logical here :)
Same logic works for all gentlemen who are widowers, my apology.
Except, you can give me a very logic reasons and explanation why and how it will work for us. And will do your part in convince my mom to let her daughter (me!) to marry you :p

Sorry, no smoker as I don’t want to be passive smoker and it’s gravely dangerous for baby.
But if you are occasional smoker who will really really really stop it for our future family sake, you are in, with some conditions.

No excuse for violent guy, I can’t handle a violent as it’s something out of personality.

Then, I'm looking for someone who has good lifestyle and life balance. I can understand workaholic person at some point but at least you have to get enough time for rest and to spend with family. Need to be fit and healthy so only we can spend longer time together :") To watch our child/ children, Aamiin, grow up. To raise them. To make memories with them.

Aaaaannddd, someone who is physically attractive. Can't deny that I have eyes hehehe

Do I ask too much? If you feel like you are qualified for one or two but don’t have another, but still are interested to have further discussion about those with me, drop me message and talk about it.
I just write my wish for my ideal future family :)
I’m not only looking for good husband, I’m also looking for good father for my future child/ children, Aamiin.

If it’s me, believe me, I will do my best. For sake of my future family. For my future husband. For my future child/ children, Insya Allah.


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