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My Sect
Just Muslim
My Profession
Research Scholar
Marital Status
California, Orange
United States
Registration Reason
I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Extremely Loving, Kind and Caring, Generous, Polite, Very Understanding Person With Lot
Of Patience, Humorous, and Unique and Very
Interesting Person to be around with.
Committed, Responsible, sincere, Honest
and Trustworthy. The man you can trust.

*** Enjoy Peace and Happiness,
Financial Stability and Security
Who Speaks Four to five Languages, Highly
Knowledgeable with Presentable Personality.
Got High Intellect , Intellectual and Spiritual,
**** Professional Educator.
I am in the United States USA For Last
29 to 30 Years, Since August 10, 1990.
Lived In Los Angeles and Now Disneyland
Area. I live all by myself.

I am truly Single, 100 Percent... Seeing is Believing.
Personal meeting and knowing each other
Is Well and Good For lifetime Relationship and Marriage.
I Look Far Better than In Picture,
This is true.... I am Quite Looking Gentle Man Very Cute, Sharp Features with Amazing Smile. Most recent picture will be available for really serious and interested person.
I am working hard to publish my best selling,
Uplifting Lifetime Books to Improve Quality Of Life of People "Good Books", "Knowledge Worth Sharing With Millions", to Benefit people and preventing them from harm, and to generate money as well,
for " Mercy Mission and Noble Cause ".
To help those who are Struggling and really in need and in pain and suffering and I am Sincerely trying to do my part, As life is
One time chance and life is short as well.

*** Living Upright and Without Hurting God's People this is at least one should do, to Co-Exist Peacefully.
***** My Future Wife Don't Have to Work For Others. To Have Lifelong Financial Security and Stability - Guaranteed 100 Percent.
Looking for Educated Lady With English Proficiency,
Fully Committed and Sincere Person Only.
Lifetime Happy Marriage to Enjoy.
**** To Enjoy Total Peace Of Mind,
No Stress, No Worries, No Pressure.
**** To Enjoy Good Health and Happiness.
Encouragement For Good Heath and Happiness, By Health Education Expert Loving and Kind and Caring Husband.
To Avoid Middle Age and Old Age Serious Health and Medical issues and Problems,
Disabilities, Pain and Suffering....
I had American Convert Wife, 5'.6", Very
Pretty, Super White, Blue Eyes, Good Hearted lady, who Loves Islam and Practices Islam, She is now Exactly 40 Years Old, this year 2020...
Divorce took place for good, I apologise
to mention it. But as it is.
***** No Reply to Bogus Profiles Please.
No Reply Means Not Interested.
No Reply Due to Valid Reasons.
***** Evil, Wicked and Bad People With Fake,
Fake and False Profiles Need to Stay
Away Please. Trouble Makers and Bad
Natured Need to stay away and Bad
Person as well, There is no time to
Waste With Wrong, as it is not a totally
Free Marriage Website. ******* Only Nice and Decent are Welcome.
Please don't Disturb, If you are a Fake, an Evil one, Bogus and Bad Person to Bather Others Need to Stay Away Please. I am tired of these bogus persons with fake profiles.

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What I Am Looking For
Good Hearted, Nice and Peaceful, lifetime Companionship and Taking Care of Each Other as Loving and Kind Husband and Faithful Wife Is Most Important. Being lonely is not a good idea but but but Lifetime Happy Marriage is very Important, Stable Minded, Well Determined
and Really Committed Only Acceptable.
Taking and making decisions in hurry may
be risky and dangerous. This is not the temporary Matter Like a temporary job to change, Getting along with each other is extremely important, Sometimes it is very risky with total Strangers and those who are Suffering from depression and bad Natured
and angry Person ....Most Preferred Who Is Interested In " the Great Faith Of Islam " and Try to Excel and Exceed In Good Deeds to Enter Jannah / Paradise ( Enter the Gardens Of Stunning and Striking Beauty, A Permanent Home and Place ( Lofty Mansion ) to Stay and Enjoy Forever, No Evictions. One Day, When Pass Away From this Earth.

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United States
California, Orange
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1.68m (5' 6")
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Masters degree
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Education and Islamic Studies.
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Research Scholar
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Prolific Writer
My Sect
Just Muslim
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Prefer not to say
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