Not so TALL, not so DARK, not so HANDSOME man!!!

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Somewhat religious
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Never married
South Yorkshire
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A Little Bit About Me
SALAAM!-Thanks for stopping by Jazak'Allah!
Chivalrous and Romantic.........

Chivalrous is defined as :- Courageous, Courteous and Loyal.....
Considerate and Courteous to Women;
Gallant. Gracious and honourable toward an enemy.
Especially a defeated one, and toward the weak or poor.

Romantic defined as :- Well if you really want to know Ladies.....?
You will have to read till the end I'm afraid.....!

PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME if you are not prepared to let me see your photo on here! Jazak'Allah / Thank you!
Not Interested on WhatsApp etc.....
By the way we are SYED for those who think caste is important ...... Not important to me....

Radical feminists need not enter my world! - Even though I totally believe in Equality - I also believe in modern day chivalry - which applies to the courtesies a man might pay to a lady.
These include but not limited to:- Pulling out her chair out whilst YOUR lady takes her seat in a restaurant.
Offering a woman a seat on a bus, or opening a door for a woman and
certainly offering to carry her shopping bags!

Even though the shopping bags are filled with designer clothes, perfumes and the usual Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Versace and Stella McCartney shoes, not forgetting the Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes and D&G handbags also Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen scarves thrown in for good measure!
Gentlemen you must remember to keep your COOL and keep smiling! Even if your good lady has been maxing out your credit cards!

I have to be honest, I am looking for someone who is attractive (to me).
PARENTAL / FAMILY Involvement a MUST as soon as it becomes - practically possible!

I’m creative, articulate and an analytical problem solver Masha’Allah,
I’m at ease whether I am communicating at boardroom level with the CEO’s or enjoying my interaction time with the promising future leaders and trailblazers of tomorrow –
Whilst they remain the little folk on the nursery play area, that is!

I love being around children as I find them fascinating, they have that wonderful ability to absorb and retain knowledge and remember things that have been mentioned months or years previously!
I will always put them first before the adults, as they should never be ignored and must always be nurtured and supported!

Through my interaction with other people’s children, new acquaintances automatically assume that I have a handful of kids at home and are surprised, when I tell them that I don't and have never been married!

I enjoy flying Helicopters as I passed my test in a Robinson R22 Helicopter in 1995 (in the minimal 40 hours of training) and have gained my PPL(H). Private Pilots Licence for Helicopters.

Trying to find time to cross train to a Bell 206 Jet Ranger! (Time & weather permitting - ( Only with the WILL OF ALLAH) In'Sha'Allah).....

I enjoy jet skiing, wet biking, Also ten pin bowling, socialising, dining out visiting friends and going to the cinema.

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What I Am Looking For
As a person I don’t require that my prospective partner to have a degree or from a certain affluent background or from any particular country!

My prospective lady needs no dowry! – That could unnecessarily burden a family from an impecunious background!

Some old/past traditions need to stay where they belong - in the past!

My lady in question would be welcomed with open arms with just the clothes on her back, adorning a smile and as long as she is a:-

(i) Sunni Muslim,
(ii)From a respectable family.
(iii) We had mutual attraction and compatibility!

Call me old fashioned or 'old skool' – but I would want to provide for her, however if she would like to work, then that would be her choice!
I would expect her to contribute EQUALLY in decision making.
My preference would be for her to be the stay at home mother and home-maker.
However ultimately it would be her choice. If she would rather work to keep herself occupied, whether it be something that she is skilled at, or helping those in need, that would not be a problem as we could hire someone to keep the house tidy!

I would like her to be able to go and see her family and friends, when it suits her and invite them round to stay over when it is suitable for the both of us!

I will provide her and our children with an already established safe environment with a view to sending them to a Montessori private school.
( if my lady agrees!)

I would want to take that special lady travelling around the world to see Allah's Majestic Creation in all its GLORY!

I would want to show her the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the New World! That Allah created for us – Being able to leave our footprints across the Seven Continents – Now that’s a story to be able to tell our grandchildren – don’t you think?

If I had a choice of either experiencing any of the Wonders of the World.
Or the choice of watching my her eyes light up in awe at the breath-taking views, and seeing her succumb to the overwhelming rush and exhilaration that overcomes a human during these experiences!

The latter would be my choice - The Taj Mahal will still be there to experience.

But to frame that look in her eyes with her mouth agape in sincere amazement!
Now that would be a view to behold and cannot be replicated authentically!

If anything within my profile resonates with you or maybe you find our wavelengths in sync.

Why not make that click and message me….. It may well change your life..... For the better!.... In'sha'Allah!

I know the one chosen for me will change mine for the better!.....

Jazak'Allah for those who made it to the end!

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