Searching for the "missing piece "...

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Government Employee
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Never married
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
I am a "normal" member of the human species, I promise!

I am a Mosaic; pieces of history, light, & love glued together with words, music and magic.
I am a paradox; an idealist and a realist.
D R E A M E R with her feet firmly on the ground! The owner of this stardust soul and vintage heart that holds timeless love.

I am fascinated by words, words are a thing of beauty that create powerful spells. Are you spellbound yet....?
I am the places I desire to visit, I am pieces of quotes I have gathered along the way. I am a kind word giver, an empathiser, & fiercely supportive. Your biggest cheerleader; happy to help and encourage you towards your dreams. I am also full of curiosity...

Warning: playful and cheeky disposition... You may be subjected to a prank or two! Animal lover: Fancy building an animal sanctuary one day, and give abandoned animals a "forever home"?!
Favourite scent: cinnamon and chocolate...
I crave new experiences, tastes and emotional depth. I am drawn to authenticity and intelligence.
Misty autumn mornings and cosy candlelight evenings bring me inner peace. Lover of warm blankets under winter moonlight and crimson sunsets.
Passion for interior design: so many ideas (may share with you!) to transform architectural spaces into contemporary, chic and cosy homes.
I love stargazing, cuddles and green tea :-)
I am still working on self-love.
Things that make me happy: poetry, peonies and laughter.
Likes: contemplative and stimulating conversation.

A thought I hold sacred: one day I might have little people running around my home that are half me and half the person I love! Most definitely want to start a family of my own.

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What I Am Looking For
A forever love. A life partner. A natural soul connection and chemistry where I'm able to recognise the feeling of "home" (and adventure simultaneously) in another person. We should be a team, it should feel like "us against the world". I want us to feel the freedom to express our needs without ever having to raise the tone of our voices. I want to grow with you, deep into the autumn of our lives, and build a loving home and family. I never want us to forget to hold hands when we walk together.

Someone who can be the voice of reason when I need advice. I need you to be the one person who, no matter how terrible the storm, I can always count on to protect me from the rain. Someone who will stay consistently loyal, through the highs and lows of this rollercoaster that we call life. A strong man, whose arms can hold my every fear.

I find intelligence and creativity very attractive.I need you to outsmart me-which isn't hard!! I want to learn from you and grow with you... (for bonus points: impart some gilded wisdom!)

It's essential that you are articulate, ambitious and in a stable career. Someone who doesn't follow the status quo but is a progressive thinker.
Ideally, you will be the epitome of chivalry, as well as mature, kind and compassionate. Someone who loves God, happy to lead, and cognizant of his responsibilities. 

Besides being able to connect on a deep and meaningful level I hope we we have great banter and a daily dose of fun!

No preference re ethnicity/race etc. I love diversity, and I am more interested in your character, morals and heart.I want to fall asleep, and wake knowing my heart is safe.

Age: Must be older than me.
My heart is not a home for cowards, cowards need not apply.
The prejudiced and/ racist need not apply.

Accepting applications from:
Gentlemen with a strong sense of integrity and values. Men of substance and depth.

Hints and tips:
Good conversation is the birthplace of true attraction, so saying only "hi" will not elicit a response from me.

If you've made it this far...yay!! I have one final question...Are you the missing piece to this mosaic?

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United Kingdom
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Never married
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Government Employee
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Snr Business Support
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