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West Yorkshire
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Feel free to message me as I rarely message people myself. I'm not arrogant at all but I just prefer a guy showing interest in me first! :)

I've got very good sense of humour, I love going on holidays, eating out and I would prefer someone who matches me in those aspects. I wanna have a good laugh with someone. You will find out more about me once we start getting to know each other but all I can say so far is that I'm very loving and sincere. I want to have stable relationship based on honesty and transparency.

I would appreciate if you can read the bit below, which is more important to me than this.

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What I Am Looking For
Please read this bit carefully before you message me and don't panic, I promise you I'm not harsh at all. I'm full of love. My previous marriage was based on complete deception. Also don't get offended by what I've written below. I’m sure a reasonable person with a clean heart, who has nothing to hide will certainly agree with the below. I can provide so many reasons to the right person as to why I've written what I've written below.

* I’m a very honest person, I don’t tolerate lies at all!! I’m looking for someone who regards honesty and transparency as one of the main criteria when it comes to getting married.

* Should be religious to some extent, performs some prayers at least, Fasts in the month of Ramadan, gives Zakat and just follows the basic principles of Islam, with the aim of doing more of course!

* Only message me if you’re ok with me carrying out a DBS check on you as well as a credit check. I also want to be able to apply for Clares law and Sarah's law. Trust me, I have my reasons for doing this. You don't know, you've not heard my story, so don't judge me or lecture me on this. This bit will not change. Me and my parents would go to great extent to find out the background of your family and this might even involve asking the neighbours and so on.

* I don't like meeting someone for endless number of times. I will of course meet up before you bring your parents to my house but we can't have endless meetings. However, I’m happy to get to know someone over the phone but I don’t want it to be dragging on for months and months and also don’t message me if you’re going to keep your options open.

* Only message me if your parents are aware that you’re registered on this site.

* UK citizen between the age of 26-33. Please be prepared to show a clear photo and don’t make it so difficult for me.

* Someone who understands that patience, forgiveness and compromises is what makes a marriage successful. I know myself very well and I can't get on with someone with attitudes, i don't care how successful you're with your career, if you gonna show me attitudes, we really won't get on. Someone who has a sense of direction in life. I hate indecisive people! Someone who understands that they need to continue putting the same effort in that they had put in before getting married to me. Just because you got something, it doesn’t mean you stop trying. You can end up losing it again.

* I’m looking to get married ASAP but I’m going to be very careful not to rush. I also want to start a family ASAP. Please do not message me if you’re wanting to get married after 2 years or so.

* I regard Loyalty, Trust, and Respect to be one of the most fundamental aspect of any relationship and if you don’t regard these factors important then don’t bother messaging me.

* I want someone who strongly believes in Monogamy. I’m a very romantic person, and I don’t like people playing sneaking games whether this is before the marriage or afterwards. I have a very analytica mind and usually I'm quick to suss things out, I don’t want you to be keeping girlfriends on the side after marrying me or giving me any nasty surprises (I've had far too many in my previous marriage) If you read my profile this much so far, then let me know your favourite colour :)

* In terms of the location, I would prefer to stay closer to my parents. Anywhere in the West Yorkshire is preferred but I might be able to relocate. I don't mind living with in-laws of the family is small but I would prefer to live separately and maintain good relationship with my in-laws.

* Please don’t bother contacting me if you come from a corrupt family, where you were raised without any values or respect and your siblings are on drugs etc etc.

* Financially stable but doesn’t have to be earning billions or hold a degree. Someone who is happy to financially support me if I choose not to work and trust me I don't ask for much and I'm not crazy like some girls who would go shopping every week and buy one pair of shoes after another.

* As this is my second marriage, I would therefore only have a small Nikkah in the mosque or at home followed by a Civil Ceremony. However, you can have big celebration and I've got no issues with that. In my family, all my siblings who are married have registered their marriages, registering the marriage leaves a foot print that such and such individual is married and even if the marriage breaks, at least the next person knows the this person was previously married, as it will flag up on the system. With nikkah, it's not registered on the system and people can lie too. So let's me honest not just to each other but to everyone.

Thank you for reading my profile and I hope you understand my reasons without judging me. Please don't lecture me on what I've written on my profile. Like I stated above, it won't change. it will stay as it is :)

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