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A Little Bit About Me

Words can't define any personality unless you interact with the person, but as per demand of this site I put myself in the category of cheerful person having a positive attitude towards life, quite laid back, cool - tempered, sensible but emotional at times, I am unique, unique in that I do not waste time with "shallow" interactions. I'm only open to meaningful, honest, and exclusive relationship leading up to marriage with like-minded person. I am not here to spend endless chats and meetings.
Every one of us experience loneliness in our lifetime. It may hit us when we're single and spending Saturday night on our couch watching reruns or when we're smack at the center of a packed and pulsating party. There is one clear reason for this, and that is that loneliness is not just being alone, it is a perception of seeing ourselves as alone. But I believe that ALLAH has a better plan. He has someone special waiting for us.... He will give one indication and we will get to know who that SOMEONE special is which has been made for us for the lifetime..... :) Insha Allah.....

This poem best describes ME.....
With all my flaws
In my Beautifulness,
In my mistakes,
In my weakness,
In my darkness.
I love myself, because I am worth it.
I am a high power person who can move mountains with my love, thoughts and dreams
I am good, kind, funny, full of life and love, contagious with my explosive energy
Some things may be equally essential but nothing is more important than loving oneself
And at this moment the love I have for myself goes above and beyond.
It could reach the end of the universe if I just unwrap it
I love me in my insane, craziest, sanest, beautiful twisted, darkest and funniest way
I love me in a way that no one does
I love me in my fullest woes
I am everything that I can and will be
I am frightfully proud of my flaws and proudly wearing them as no one is perfect
This is the start of a new journey to me
The journey of love and self acceptance
The journey to fully embrace and value my own self
I allow myself to fall in my stupidest and biggest way, just to get back up and catch my breath again
Failure will not stop me but make me stronger
I am fully seeing me and smiling at my imperfected and distorted reflection
Hugging myself so tightly, refusing to let go
The more I am spending time with me,
The more and more my love grows
Is it bad for my health ? I do not think so.
It’s true, I am better, happier, more free, powerful, at peace
The sun is shining on me
I don’t need no help to be beautiful, ‘cause I’ve got me
I’ve got that uncontainable light from within me
I am smoldering a treasure, sharing laughter, joy and sadness with myself
I have learnt the phases of myself
So distant from that little insecure girl I used to know
As I allow her opinions to matter
I have accepted her difference
Her different kind of beauty, I have learned to love
This feeling of wholeness, self acceptance, comfort and love, is liberating
I wrap myself around my contorted and beautiful else to form a ME
As I am, Raw and Real.....
THATS ME..... :)

What I Am Looking For

I want someone who will be upfront honest A MAN OF HIS WORD. and I will do the same. I am looking for a companion with a strong personality yet also able to make the compromises that life sometimes requires.If you are a serious person whose intentions are leading the relation up to getting married then you can contact me otherwise STAY AWAY.

P.S. Please Please I have come across many guys who are only interested in DIRTY TALK here..... If your intetions are same so it's better not to waste your and my time ...... My sole purpose for being here is finding a compatible match to get married with.....

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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