A homely but adventurous person

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Never married
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find my sister a partner
A Little Bit About Me
As salamualikum

I pray you are well InshaAllah.

Although I was born and raised in England, I have a good balance of traditional and western culture. I currently live in Greater Manchester and I am open to moving within England for a suitable partner.

I have 3 siblings who I am very close to Alhamdulillah and I would ideally like to build the same relationship with my potential husband and the new family Insha’Allah. My family are neither too traditional nor too modern. We prefer to live our lives according to the Islamic values than culture but of course understand that culture plays an important role in shaping us :-)

I am a scientist and enjoy my job and would want to continue working after marriage. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and exploring the nature Allah SWT has blessed us with, experimenting in the kitchen with desi and western cuisine - I have been told I make mean cakes - so who’s got a sweet tooth now? ;-)
I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. I work hard both professionally and in my personal life and enjoy my fine dining meals with my friends at the end of the month - any foodies out there? :-)
My friends and family say I have a good sense of humour but maybe I will let you find that out for your self :-)

Spiritually, I follow the 5 pillars, wear a hijab but I am always willing to learn more :-)

All the best in finding the one InshaAllah :-)

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What I Am Looking For
Someone with a good balance of western and desi values.

Someone who is kind and family orientated.

Spiritually on the same level as me at least.
Someone who understands their role as a Muslim man. At this stage in life, I am looking for a friend in my partner, someone I can travel with and enjoy all the small blessings of life inshaAllah.

At our age people can be quite firm and set in their ways but I strongly believe that for a marriage to work successfully, ultimately the husband and wife will need to make ( the right kind of) sacrifices and compromises for and with each other.

You will find in me a caring, faithful and a hard working partner inshaAllah - these are the qualities my family and friends say I have :-)

I have never been married nor have I been in a relationship before but would be open to marrying someone who is divorced as long as I understand their reasons :-)
I would not however be looking at single fathers - apologies.

My sister has helped me create this profile, which means she will help me review potentials from time to time. My family is aware I am on SM and will ideally be involved soon after something tangible develops Insha'Allah. Whilst i am not in a rush to marry tomorrow, i am also not looking to waste each others time unnecessarily. so would be grateful that you only approach me if you have the same intentions.

May Allah SWT make this search easy and fruitful for us all - Ameen :-)

Polite request: life is tough as it is, please don’t make our experiences here more difficult by being rude. If you have nothing nice to say, then please say nothing at all :-)

Also please don’t contact me if you are younger than me- I do ideally want to marry someone my age as a minimum inshaAllah

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United Kingdom
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This year
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25,000 - 50,000
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Never married
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United Kingdom
Greater Manchester
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1.65m (5' 5")
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Biomedical science
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