My Sect
Very religious
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Marital Status
Never married
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
A Muslim sister popped up judging me as…..

Sister: The preamble of your profile is in fact not the preamble but the whole character description and of what you like and want. It’s good but who are you appealing to? It shows you to be a difficult individual to be suitable to tie relationship of marriage because marriage is meant to be relaxing and happy affair......... With you? You carry the seeds of a difficult self-centred intolerant man! What you are saying in your profile is my way or the highway! Marriage is about equality, respect and tolerance! ....... You are bright but you are a failure in your approach! ....... Don’t find a competitor but look for a supportive individual for your life!

Myself: Smart girl you are mashAllah……Well probably you judged me right, as i can’t see my flaws….. May Allah give you reward for it and make me a true follower of prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)

Sister: Your heart is in the right place but the teachings and wisdom of the Quran is humbleness and to talk straightforward and transparent. You are a handsome and intelligent as well as have love of Allah and the prophet. Adopt these values within yourself and seek an educated and humble girl for your life. I am afraid I am that I can’t fulfill that desire because you can do better….It should be “I am not that person”

Myself: I respect your preferences…. may Allah make it easier for you……..Aslamoalikum

Sister: You are a nice man, I wish you success in your search. Allah Hafiz

Myself: Well “larki” I’m only wondering how come you changed your opinion all of a sudden, primarily you took me as a self-cantered control freak and then a good guy..... Is this how you judge people? Would you please have a read of my profile as whatever i stated there is something you asked for in your profile....

Sister: Well “Larka”, you are very nice and sophisticated but I have under rated myself and given you a higher status. I know that your nerds are more than what I can give you. I am photogenic but not the best looking girl and not so educated & sophisticated as I may portray in my profile. You are a very sophisticated, very good and loving guy, and you deserve better than me. I don’t want to enter a relationship that will end in a failure and emotionally upsetting for me….. I am only looking at compatibility and be realistic. Allah has given you more than most so use it humbly and reach your full potential, I am simply not able I enhance your full capacity….. I hope you understand what I am saying to you .... Need not nerd (predictable text changes the words)

Myself: I didn’t reply as further conversation was useless..............Here comes a question, can we really judge a person? if yes, take your turn please……..

To what extent this preamble deserves to be called a match is something you have to decide for you yourself, I’m your next door lad, a privileged pupil of century’s top Sufi, a bad servant of Allah almighty, an M-Phil Scholar, a native Lahorie, A good boss of a potential education consultancy. A bad capitalist as I believe money is not equal to Iman.

Additionally, I see myself as an open, simple, adaptive, flexible, soft spoken, healthy, clean, trendy, none-judgmental, friendly, handy, confident, romantic man. I’m also often told by my sister that I’m a good shelter as i always put family first. I can’t remember if I ever stalked or chased a girl or made a false commitment. Conversely, the cons I come up with are I am very practical as I don’t have a large social circle. People think I’m rude cos I don’t socialize around. I hardly attended ten marriages and approximately the same number of funerals all my life. (I’m working on it)

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What I Am Looking For
Frankly speaking, this service is a blend of good and bad. The potential Rishtas are fortunate though as they get married in their immediate social circle say family and friends. Now, here comes the leftover which is either highly qualified or have social issues like myself say i don’t have parents, others are those with attitude problem, divorces, average or below average looking with extra ordinary ambitions, etc. Hence, I guess it would take time but InshAllah I’m hopeful she exists.

What attracts me more can be best described on a likert scale as: love, Like, Fine, No

Practicing: As long as you don’t take pride of your Salah. Love
Ethics: Practicing religion with no ethics is more like an exercise: Love
Simplicity: The more you’re simple, the less liable you’re for your deeds to Allah: Love
Family: No flashy show off. Ideally, her parents are school teachers or something. Love
Heart: If you have a soft heart, we suite. Love
Fashion: love stylish girls: like
Hobby: Healthy ones are respected say morning jog with husband, dine out etc.: Like
Ethnicity: Urdu or Punjabi speaker to share the spirits to the fullest: Like
Modesty: I would love it but if you’re little daring, I think you’re my dream girl: Like
Appearance: I find average looking girls more attractive. Fine
Intelligence: Intelligence does not guarantee Janah: Fine
Height: I have family pressure at least 5.3: Fine
Qualification: I find it easy to share the wave length with at least graduates: Fine
Mood swings: I am more of nurse, No worries. Fine
Age: 27 to 33: Fine
Sector: It is Allah almighty who will judge all hear after, not my work: Fine
Arrogance: People you abuse are very dear to Allah: No
Judgmental: Professional critic can not be happy ever: No
Aggressive: you need to see psychiatrist instead of spouse: No
Internalized racist: don’t respect your heritage, such a looser you’re: No
Big headed: All I can do for you is make dua: No
Selfie experts: A Selfie out of billions as profile picture can make you feel good only: No
Confuse: If you’re addicted to talk various men a day, I can’t help: No
Stupid: Taking pride of yourself as being a family friend of celebrity or brand conscious instead of health: No
High ranked passport: I’m working on Janah. Hence, a big no for the one you have: No

We raise in degrees whom we will, but over every possessor of knowledge is one (more) knowing. (Surah Yusuf, Verse: 76)

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