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My Profession
Health Care Professional
Marital Status
Never married
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Firstly, if you show interest but I can't see you please be prepared for me to ask for your pics. Also please don’t take offence if I tell you i’m not interested. I’d much rather be honest and straight to the point than mess you around. Establishing mutual physical attraction is very important when seeking a spouse.

Also I get a lot of random messages so i’ll only reply if I feel an initial interest in your profile after having viewed it.

Alhamdulillah I grew up with the basic knowledge of our deen and went to an Islamic Secondary School for girls. I try to practise and implement as much as I can although there's always room for improvement. I'm not perfect and I'm full of flaws but I try and make a concious effort to do things that will please Allah (SWT).

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke or do shisha, I’ve never been clubbing or had a boyfriend. I do however listen to music and enjoy watching films, netflix series, sitcoms and other stuff on tv whenever I have the time. Can never get tired of Friends lol.

Other things to know about me-
- I'm a fussy eater so not a foodie like the majority of people seem to be on here.
- I'm not a gym-goer but I try and keep active Alhamdulillah as I enjoy long walks/hikes.
- I’m pretty simple and average looking and Alhamdulillah i’m comfortable in my own skin.
- I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis and I’m not into wearing or owning designer brands either.
- I love travelling and exploring.

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What I Am Looking For
I’m looking for an honest, decent and good-hearted man with good character who is genuinely here for the purpose of marriage only. For whom Islam is also a very important part of his day to day life. Someone who prays regularly and also fulfills the basic requirements of our deen. Someone who is god-conscious as well as making a conscious effort for his akhirah.

Attraction points for me:
- Tall (ideally 5ft8 or more) with good physique and facial hair.
- Caring, understanding and compassionate.
- Respectful.
- Affectionate, can be playful.
- Has a good sense of humour.
- Intelligent and hardworking, has good work ethics.

I don’t mind anyone who is divorced but I’m sorry I’m not looking for anyone who is already a parent.

Things I seriously dislike:
- Smoking/that disgusting smell of cigarettes.
- Being very untidy/unhygienic.
- Bad manners and bad landuage (i.e using constant swear words in every day speech).
- Men who shape their eyebrows (makes their features look more feminine).
- Men who slit their eyebrows.
- Wearing chunky chains and jeans hanging really low (gangster wannabes).

If you’ve read this far and you’d be interested then get in touch inshaAllah.

May Allah (SWT) help us all in our search and grant us all a good spouse. Ameen

P.s. Please kindly refrain from repeatedly messaging and viewing my profile when I've already said I wouldn't be interested or that we wouldn't be compatible.

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Never married
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United Kingdom
South Yorkshire
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1.68m (5' 6")
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Bachelors degree
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Early Years Education with QTS
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Health Care Professional
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Waiting List Coordinator
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