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SingleMuslim.com revealed as the UK's most popular Muslim website

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Single Muslim Ltd - Wakefield, United Kingdom.

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SingleMuslim.com revealed as the UK's most popular Muslim website

SingleMuslim.com is officially the most popular Muslim website in the UK, according to web information company Alexa.

SingleMuslim.com is an interactive community of more than 500,000 members who are seeking potential marriage partners. On average, the website receives around 36,000 unique visitors every day.

Alexa provides website metrics, such as the volume of traffic to a particular website, audience composition, and what search terms users entered to get to the site. It can provide invaluable insights for companies who want to understand how their websites are performing.

Alexa also uses the data it collects to create its Top Sites list, a searchable database of the global top million website as compiled by the Alexa Traffic Rank.

Comparing the top Islamic websites listed by Alexa, and cross referencing them against their UK positioning, reveals that SingleMuslim.com is the UK's most visited Muslim website. Single Muslim ranks 2,503 rd in the UK overall.

SingleMuslim.com's Managing Director, Adeem Younis said: "We already know that around ten percent of the UK's 2.4 million Muslims are registered with SingleMuslim.com, but even so it's gratifying to find that we're the country's most popular Muslim website.

"I think that what makes us stand out is our commitment to providing a discreet, professional service that provides a modern solution for that age-old problem of: how to find a way for Muslims to meet potential partners in an Islamically safe environment.

"We must be doing something right. So far, SingleMuslim.com has helped to bring about over 10,000 marriages and we're now attracting more than 500 new users every day."

The UK's top 15 Muslim websites are:

Website - UK Ranking
singlemuslim.com - 2,503
sunniforum.com - 7,393
islam-qa.com - 10,998
islamicfinder.org - 11,486
islamicity.com - 17,904
islamtoday.net - 15,051
turntoislam.com - 19,622
quranexplorer.com - 36,177
islamway.com - 39,769
alislam.org - 40,461
al-islam.org - 47,357
searchtruth.com - 51,200
islamonline.net - 63,605
harunyahya.com - 73,638
dawateislami.net - 83,891


A 2010 Google UK report, "Rising Trends in Online Dating" (Jan-Jun 2010), highlighted SingleMuslim.com as one of the most popular brands within its field, and showed that the number of Google searches for Single Muslim has enjoyed a dramatic 81% year-on-year growth, and has by far outstripped other ethno-cultural marriage searches.

Adeem Younis said: "It is good to know that SingleMuslim.com is one of the UK's most popular Muslim brands, and I am confident that the service will continue to go from strength to strength. I have no doubt that we will be helping many more Muslims to find their ideal marriage partners for many more years to come."

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For further information about Singlemuslim.com, please visit the website at www.singlemuslim.com.
For more information, please contact: Adeem Younis, SingleMuslim.com,
Tel: 0844 800 9255
Email: info@singlemuslim.com

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