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Love Digital dating

Adeem Younis first thought of creating a very specific site when he was a student at Leeds University.

Now in its tenth year SingleMuslim.com was set up specifically to facilitate marriages for followers of Islam.

"At first there was some stigma surrounding the idea of an online matching service, which I think has been the case for similar sites.

"But it was particularly difficult for the Muslim community which has very strong traditions.

"Very quickly though they came round to the idea because we aren't about dating, we are simply about finding husbands and wives for people.

"Families like it because they get to see all kinds of people and decide whether they would be a suitable match, but what's great is that individuals also have some choice about who they feel they would be compatible with on a personal level."

From a base in Wakefield they now have over half a million people on their books from 18 to 60 years old . Every day they score six successful unions.

Among them was Salim Tobera, 32, from Armley who signed up to the service a year ago. During the last 12 months he met his wife Zohra, got engaged and they have just tied the knot.

Salim converted to Islam two years ago and was determined to find a suitable partner.

"I liked it because it has very strict rules of how to conduct yourself." he said. "And it gives the women more choice as well, so you put yourself on there and they can approach you.

"Because I converted to Islam I don't have the same network of family and friends which could introduce me to a suitable wife either, which made things difficult.

"And if I were to approach a woman in real life it would also be awkward. Should I do it in a supermarket or a library? And how do you know if someone is already married or not?

"But with using the online service everything is very clear and it's very private as well.

"I'm very happy with how everything turned out and I'd really recommend it to anyone."


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